There’s a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?

state senate map cover Theres a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?
A map of New York City’s State Senate districts.

It’s Election Day in New York next Thursday! But instead of a titanic battle between ideologies–your Mitt Romneys vs. Barack Obamas, if you will–the options on the ballot will be little-noticed state legislative contests between candidates of the same party, often with few policy differences.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some exciting races happening. From “Who Gets Arrested for Raping a Grandmother?” to “Assemblywoman Caught Up in Sex Scandal with Two Young Men,” there’s been no shortage of nasty drama and mud slinging as voters head to the polls.

Here’s a breakdown of who’s running and why it might matter who wins. The list below focuses on Democratic races because the few Republican primaries in this staunchly blue city tend to have clear favorites or are taking place in such Democratic territory that the victor is reasonably likely to be irrelevant. Continue reading “There’s a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?”

Yen Chou Touts Picking Up UFT Endorsement

yen chou fb Yen Chou Touts Picking Up UFT Endorsement
Yen Chou (Photo: Facebook)

With only a couple weeks to go until election day, races for state legislative primaries across New York are heating up, and one of the top ones in the five boroughs is the campaign to replace outgoing Assemblywoman Grace Meng in her Flushing-based district. Ms. Meng of course is currently the Democratic nominee for Congress and will be leaving a vacant seat behind her.

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