Bill de Blasio Calls Teen’s WTC Climb ‘Shocking’

Today's New York Post cover with the story.
Today’s New York Post cover.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is not pleased that a 16-year-old New Jersey teen was reportedly able to scale 1 World Trade Center this weekend.

Asked about the story, reported on the front page of today’s New York Post, Mr. de Blasio labeled the incident “shocking and troubling” given the amount of security present at the site. Continue reading “Bill de Blasio Calls Teen’s WTC Climb ‘Shocking’”

How Mitt Romney Made Money After 9/11

1031408 How Mitt Romney Made Money After 9/11
World Trade Center (Photo: Getty)

Mitt Romney’s investments have already proven to be obstacles for him on the campaign trail with a slew of attacks on the company he co-founded, Bain Capital, and his vast network of offshore assets. However, this latest bit of information about Mr. Romney’s business dealings may be the most politically problematic yet: almost immediately after the September 11th, Mr. Romney profited from a company designed to make money from the chaos that followed the attacks. Continue reading “How Mitt Romney Made Money After 9/11”

Now, Turner Wants to Make 'World Trade Center Mosque' An Issue [Updated]

Republican Bob Turner’s campaign spokesman, Bill O’Reilly, sent out a statement, asking, “Is it appropriate for a mosque to be built in the shadow of the World Trade Center?”

The question was posed one day after Weprin — who supported the proposal — was endorsed by Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman — who opposed it.

Raising this issue is an attempt by Turner to get Weprin to defend an issue that struck a nerve with some socially conservative New Yorkers, and, presumably, to drive a wedge between Weprin and some of the district’s many Jewish voters.

Update: A reader notes Weprin had a more nuanced position than Turner may be suggesting. Weprin supported the developer’s right to build the facility — Park 51 it’s called — at it’s current location. But Weprin actually favored then-Governor Paterson’s idea of working out a compromise to move it further away from Ground Zero.