Jets Owner Is More Worried About Mitt Romney Than His Football Team

web romney tebow dalestephanos Jets Owner Is More Worried About Mitt Romney Than His Football Team
Woody Johnson (Illustration by, Dale Stephanos)

The New York Jets suffered an embarrassing 34-0 defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers Sunday that has many observers wondering if the team is doomed this season, however Jets owner Woody Johnson is apparently more concerned about Mitt Romney defeating President Barack Obama than he is about his team’s prospects. Mr. Johnson, who is the chairman of Mr. Romney’s campaign in New York, discussed his priorities this morning in an appearance on Bloomberg TV’s Market Makers.

“I think you always have to put country first so I think it’s very, very important that for–not only for us but for in particular our kids and grandkids that this election come off with Mitt Romney and Ryan as president and vice president,” Mr. Johnson said when the show’s hosts asked him whether he’d prefer a winning season for the Jets or a victory for the Republican ticket. Continue reading “Jets Owner Is More Worried About Mitt Romney Than His Football Team”

Meet Mitt’s Money-Man: Low Key Woody Johnson Key To Gang (Green) Busters GOP Fundraising

web romney tebow dalestephanos Meet Mitts Money Man: Low Key Woody Johnson Key To Gang (Green) Busters GOP Fundraising
Dale Stephanos

Last February, back when Rick Santorum shocked Republicans with a string of primary victories and the once-inevitable campaign of Mitt Romney was teetering on collapse, Woody Johnson held a private meeting in his office in Rockefeller Center.

Mr. Johnson is the heir to the Johnson & Johnson family fortune, the owner of the New York Jets and, over the past year or so, the head of Mr. Romney’s fundraising efforts in the political goldmine that is New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The meeting was one of several he had held over the course of the campaign with those whose names had shown up on campaign finance filings for some of the other GOP hopefuls, donors who had cast their lot early on with Tim Pawlenty, or Herman Cain, or Rick Perry.

The message was always the same: Mitt Romney will be the nominee. He is only one who can keep Barack Obama from sinking the economy further. There was no political deal-making, no hard sell that said, “Come on, board now, before it is too late.” Continue reading “Meet Mitt’s Money-Man: Low Key Woody Johnson Key To Gang (Green) Busters GOP Fundraising”

Top Romney Donor Tries To Wrangle Last Remaining Hold-Outs

romney Top Romney Donor Tries To Wrangle Last Remaining Hold OutsJust when Mitt Romney appears to be down on his luck, his finance team comes into save him.

Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets and the one Mr. Romney’s top donors, convened a meeting of a dozen or so top  unaffiliated Republican financiers this afternoon to urge them to get behind the candidate who most Republicans think is their best candidate to take on Barack Obama.

According to a source who was there, the meeting was an effort to “talk about what is going on in terms of the primaries, in terms of the elections, in terms of the positions, in terms of the focus, the message, and how it was presented. The general consensus was that Mitt Romney is the best candidate.” Continue reading “Top Romney Donor Tries To Wrangle Last Remaining Hold-Outs” Protests Mitt Romney in Midtown

image003 Protests Mitt Romney in Midtown's Mitt Romney protest poster.

Mitt Romney’s Manhattan money raising adventures continued today with a breakfast fundraiser at the Grand Hyatt in Midtown. showed up to protest him because they think he’s the “Poster Boy for Wall Street and the 1%.” Continue reading “ Protests Mitt Romney in Midtown”