Romney ‘Disagrees’ With Richard Mourdock, But His Ad Is Staying Up

romney mourdock ad Romney Disagrees With Richard Mourdock, But His Ad Is Staying Up
Mitt Romney as seen in his ad endorsing Richard Mourdock. (Photo: YouTube)

Republican Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock sparked a firestorm after he discussed abortion in cases of rape in a debate last night and said, “I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” Democrats quickly went on the attack against Mr. Mourdock, focusing on an ad Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney recorded for him that was released online Sunday. Though aides for Mr. Romney issued statements expressing disagreement with Mr. Mourdock’s position on rape and abortion, the campaign is not asking for the ad to be pulled. Continue reading “Romney ‘Disagrees’ With Richard Mourdock, But His Ad Is Staying Up”

Todd Akin Explains How He Impregnated His Wife [Video]

todd akin babies made Todd Akin Explains How He Impregnated His Wife [Video]
Todd Akin, obstetrics expert. (Photo: YouTube)

Missouri Congressman, costume enthusiast and (for now) Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin became notorious for his rather interesting theories on the female reproductive system this weekend, but his disastrous television interview isn’t the first time he’s shared his unique hypotheses on how babies are made. At a Tea Party event in Branson last year, Mr. Akin and his wife, Lulli, gave a detailed explanation of how they came together and made their six babies. Continue reading “Todd Akin Explains How He Impregnated His Wife [Video]”

Todd Akin Says He’s No ‘Quitter,’ Won’t Leave Senate Race Over Rape Remark Outrage

 Todd Akin Says Hes No Quitter, Wont Leave Senate Race Over Rape Remark Outrage
Todd Akin (Photo: Facebook)

Missouri Congressman and Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin appeared on Mike Huckabee’s radio show this afternoon, his first media appearance since a TV interview where he said women cannot get pregnant from “legitimate rape.” Mr. Akin, whose voice seemed to waver at times, admitted he made “a couple of serious mistakes” with his comments, but he vowed to stay in his Senate race.

“I’ve really made a couple of serious mistakes here that were wrong and I need to apologize for those….Rape is never legitimate, it’s an evil act,” Mr. Akin said. “What I said was ill-conceived, and it was wrong and, for that, I apologize….I’ve even known some women who have been raped and I know that is a terrible, terrible thing….I also know that people do become pregnant from rape. I didn’t mean to imply that that wasn’t the case.” Continue reading “Todd Akin Says He’s No ‘Quitter,’ Won’t Leave Senate Race Over Rape Remark Outrage”

Obama Campaign Launches New Ad To Appeal Women Voters [Video]

barackobama Obama Campaign Launches New Ad To Appeal Women Voters [Video]
President Obama
President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign released a new ad today that they described as “the first in a series of television advertisements that highlight President Obama’s commitment to issues important to women and their families.” The ad begins by touting President Obama’s background as “the son of a single mom” and “proud father of two daughters” before noting that “the first law he signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.” Continue reading “Obama Campaign Launches New Ad To Appeal Women Voters [Video]”

Michelle Obama: ‘Change Happens Because Of Women Like Us’

145761240 Michelle Obama: Change Happens Because Of Women Like Us
Michelle Obama (Photo: Getty)

At the “2012 Women For Obama” fundraiser this morning at the Hotel Pierre the vast majority of the audience who turned out to hear First Lady Michelle Obama speak were, naturally, women.

“Are there any men here today?” Ms. Obama asked as she began her speech.

The handful of men in the crowd responded with a smattering of cheers.

“A few good men,” Ms. Obama said. “There you go–stand proud. Stand proud.” Continue reading “Michelle Obama: ‘Change Happens Because Of Women Like Us’”

Mitt Romney’s Son Defends His Stay-At-Home Mom

 Mitt Romneys Son Defends His Stay At Home Mom
Ben Romney (Photo: University of Utah School of Medicine)

Ben Romney, the thirtysomething son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding his mother, Ann Romney, by writing a Facebook note in her defense early this morning. Ben refuted Democratic pundit Hilary Rosen’s charge Ms. Romney “never worked a day in her life” by describing her “demanding” work raising him and his five brothers.

“Growing up, we never had a nanny or a ‘mommy’s helper.’ Never went to daycare,” Ben wrote. “I was just one out of five, but always felt like I was the most important thing in her life. For my Mom to raise us 5 boys, the way she did, was, in my mind, the most demanding – and hopefully rewarding – work she could have done.” Continue reading “Mitt Romney’s Son Defends His Stay-At-Home Mom”

Obama Campaign Says American Women ‘Cannot Trust Mitt Romney’

barack obama getty Obama Campaign Says American Women Cannot Trust Mitt Romney
Barack Obama (Photo: Getty)

President Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, released a statement in response to Mitt Romney’s statement today he’d “get rid of” Planned Parenthood as part of his efforts to reduce the debt. Ms. Cutter said Mr. Romney’s pro-life positions prove “American women cannot trust Mitt Romney to stand up for them.”

“Mitt Romney’s comments today that he would ‘get rid of’ Planned Parenthood show how low he is willing to go to pander to the most extreme elements of the Republican base,” Ms. Cutter said. “Planned Parenthood is a vital health care provider for millions of American women, giving them affordable access to life-saving services like mammograms and cervical cancer screenings. Even more offensive is that he would justify on fiscal grounds the elimination of Planned Parenthood, which represents 0.01% of the federal budget, even as he proposes a $5 trillion tax plan that would give massive tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires.” Continue reading “Obama Campaign Says American Women ‘Cannot Trust Mitt Romney’”