Bill de Blasio Is Indecisive About Wedding Rings Too

A close-up shot of Bill de Blasio's ring. (Cropped Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty)
A close-up shot of Bill de Blasio’s ring. (Cropped Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Bill de Blasio, who is often described as indecisive by those who work closely with him, waited until the last possible minute to decide on his wedding ring, too.

The mayor described the ring-hunting experience at an unrelated press conference this afternoon when an eagle-eyed reporter noticed that his distinctive, silver-and-stone wedding band was missing from his finger. Continue reading “Bill de Blasio Is Indecisive About Wedding Rings Too”

Roundup: We Didn’t Make It An Issue

Even more details emerged about Christine Quinn’s wedding tomorrow. (She’s nervous.)

Right-wing editorial boards and bloggers swooped in to defend Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin from Chuck Schumer.

Mike Bloomberg on Stop-and-Frisk: “We don’t racial profile.”

Elizabeth Crowley’s campaign, profiled.

She appears to be getting her marching orders from the PBA. Continue reading “Roundup: We Didn’t Make It An Issue”