Thompson Supporters Accuse Hynes of Exploiting Racial Fears

Ken Thompson supporters at today's press conference.
Ken Thompson supporters at today’s press conference.

Nearly 40 supporters of Ken Thompson’s Brooklyn district attorney campaign gathered on the steps of Borough Hall today to demand incumbent Charles Hynes apologize for allegedly accusing Mr. Thompson of being a gun trafficker–which they linked to a larger plot to scare white voters in the November election. Continue reading “Thompson Supporters Accuse Hynes of Exploiting Racial Fears”

Bill Thompson Supporters Start to Jump Ship

A man holds up a Thompson poster on Election Day. (Photo: Getty)
A man holds up a Thompson poster on Election Day. (Photo: Getty)

Even Bill Thompson’s supporters are now saying publicly that it’s time for him to end his campaign and rally behind Bill de Blasio as the Democratic Party’s nominee for mayor.

“In an election year with so many tough decisions on crucial issues, we must begin a new chapter today by uniting behind our Democratic nominee for New York City’s next mayor,” Assemblyman Walter Mosley, a former Thompson endorser, announced in a statement this afternoon. “I am proud to support Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.”

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Rep. Jeffries Reflects on D.C.: ‘The Tea Party Folks, They’re off the Chain’

Hakeem Jeffries (Photo: Facebook)
Hakeem Jeffries (Photo: Facebook)

Months into his first term, his short time in Washington D.C. has Congressman Hakeem Jeffries convinced the Tea Party is out of control. Continue reading “Rep. Jeffries Reflects on D.C.: ‘The Tea Party Folks, They’re off the Chain’”

Hakeem Jeffries Takes a Victory Lap

photo 8 Hakeem Jeffries Takes a Victory Lap
Hakeem Jeffries and Walter Mosley campaigning outside P.S. 375 in Crown Heights. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

Last Thursday, Walter Mosley was elected to succeed Hakeem Jeffries in Brooklyn’s 57th Assembly District. Mr. Mosley was supported by Mr. Jeffries, who left the seat to run a successful congressional campaign, and the race was largely seen as a referendum on Mr. Jeffries’ ability to deliver for another candidate in his Central Brooklyn base. Politicker sat down with Mr. Jeffries yesterday to get his post-game analysis on Mr. Mosley’s campaign and the endorsements that didn’t go their way. Mr. Jeffries also talked about his plans for moving to Washington, his thoughts on the future of the Brooklyn Democratic Party in the wake of the Vito Lopez scandal and discussed ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ on the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests.trans Hakeem Jeffries Takes a Victory Lap Continue reading “Hakeem Jeffries Takes a Victory Lap”

More Victors Declared, Including Twice-Indicted William Boyland Jr.

william boyland interview fb1 More Victors Declared, Including Twice Indicted William Boyland Jr.
(Photo: Facebook)

A number of other candidates have won tough races tonight. As the results come trickling in, here are some notable ones:

Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., currently facing federal charges that he solicited bribes to pay his legal bills in an unrelated federal corruption case, won against a slew of challengers. Six opponents split the anti-Boyland vote, allowing him to skate by with a weak plurality.

State Senator Shirley Huntley, indicted a couple weeks ago on charges that she helped deliver member items to a sham non-profit, lost to Councilman James Sanders, who waged an aggressive campaign and managed to turn out his base in a seat made less favorable to Ms. Huntley in redistricting.

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Can Hakeem Jeffries Deliver His District to His Chosen Heir?

photo 8 Can Hakeem Jeffries Deliver His District to His Chosen Heir?
Hakeem Jeffries and Walter Mosley campaigning outside P.S. 375 in Crown Heights. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

Hakeem Jeffries isn’t officially a congressman yet, but the rising Democratic Party star is already facing the first major test of his political power since he won the Democratic primary for New York’s 8th Congressional District June 26. With that victory, Mr. Jeffries virtually guaranteed himself a ticket to Washington to represent the overwhelmingly Democratic Brooklyn district following the general election in November. However, there is still the matter of who will replace Mr. Jeffries in the State Assembly seat he vacated to pursue his congressional campaign. Mr. Jeffries is backing District Leader Walter Mosley to succeed him in the 57th Assembly District, but Mr. Mosley has two tough opponents in that race today and insiders are keeping a close eye on the contest to see whether Mr. Jeffries can deliver his old district to his chosen heir.

“I know all three candidates, but I’ve worked closely with Walter over the last six years that I’ve been in the Legislature. We’ve worked on a wide variety of issues of significance,” Mr. Jeffries told Politicker this afternoon. “He’s been there as a close ally to help improve the quality of the public schools in the neighborhood, fight to stand up for senior citizens, to reform the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices, fighting with me to create and preserve affordable housing. On every single issue of significance, Walter Mosley has been there. There are going to be some very important issues to be decided in the State Legislature moving forward and I have the greatest degree of confidence in Walter that he can continue the work that needs to be done on behalf of the people in this wonderful community.

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Hakeem Jeffries Robocalls for Walter Mosley

hakeem jeffries win fb Hakeem Jeffries Robocalls for Walter Mosley
Hakeem Jeffries (Photo: Facebook)

Assemblyman and soon-to-be Congressman Hakeem Jeffries endorsed in a number of candidates the primaries happening on Thursday, including pols supported by the county organization, like Senator Martin Dilan and those opposed to it, such as District Leader Lincoln Restler. However, if there’s any race Mr. Jeffries really cares about, it’s surely the one to replace him in the State Assembly, where Mr. Jeffries will get a raw test if the political organization that propelled him to a congressional primary win earlier this year can be sustained and work for others.

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