Christine Quinn Defends Surveillance in Wake of Monitoring Reports

Christine Quinn speaks with Piers Morgan. (Photo:
Christine Quinn speaks with Piers Morgan. (Photo:

Mayoral front-runner Christine Quinn refused to criticize President Obama over reports that the federal government has engaged in widespread monitoring of Americans’ Internet activity and telephone calls–arguing that surveillance is crucial to the city’s safety.

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‘Not About Bloomberg 4…Wipe the Slate Clean’: Stringer Says NYC Wants Something New in 2013

stringer aug30 Not About Bloomberg 4...Wipe the Slate Clean: Stringer Says NYC Wants Something New in 2013
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer doesn't think NYC voters want 'Bloomberg 4.' (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

When the New York Times wrote this weekend about Mayor Bloomberg’s likely endorsement of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in the 2013 mayor’s race, only one likely candidate for the office spoke about it, publicly: Scott Stringer, the Manhattan Borough President.

Stringer, who like Quinn, is a progressive Democrat from Manhattan’s West Side, told the Times, “Bloomberg 3 has run its course.”

He was referring to the number of terms Bloomberg has had. But after his press conference this morning across the street from City Hall, I asked Stringer to elaborate what he meant by his remark. What exactly had run “its course”?

“I think the race for mayor is not going to be about Bloomberg 4,” said Stringer. ” It’s going to be about a vision for New York City in a post-Bloomberg era, which I think is good for New York. That’s why I think the focus shouldn’t be on Bloomberg 1, 2 and 3 going into 4, but rather, let’s wipe the slate clean and figure out what we do next.”

‘They Just Haven’t Sent the Check’: Stringer Urges Verizon to Pay NYC

stringer verizon They Just Havent Sent the Check: Stringer Urges Verizon to Pay NYC
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer wants Verizon to return $800,000 he said may have been obtained illegally. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer sent a letter to Verizon urging them to repay New York City $800,000 in response to findings from a city investigator who said the major telecom company benefited from the illegal activity of one of their subordinates.

In his August 30th letter to Jim Gerace, president of of the New York Region for Verizon, Stringer said $800,000 was the “minimum” amount the company should repay, based on a report from Richard Condon, the special commissioner of investigations for New York City public schools. Continue reading “‘They Just Haven’t Sent the Check’: Stringer Urges Verizon to Pay NYC”

Morning Read: 'Napoleon' 'Dictator' 'Putz'

mrb christie Morning Read: 'Napoleon' 'Dictator' 'Putz'
Mayor Bloomberg Meets with New Jersey Governor-Elect Chris Christie December 10, 2009 (Photo Credit: Edward Reed)

NY-9: Catsimatidis said Obama threw business community “under the bus;” raising money for Turner on 8/23. [City Hall News]

NY-9: Weprin’s vote for same-sex marriage may be his biggest obstacle. “National Democratic officials are considering pouring resources into the race.” [Chris Bragg / City Hall News]

NY-9: Turner’s latest attack on Park51 is “hapless.” [Alison Gendar / Daily News]

Verizon Contract: 8 to 4, Panel for Education policy approves the deal. [Fernanda Santos / New York Times]

Verizon Contract: “We have a responsibility to pay Verizon – but to do this we have to approve this contract,” said Chancellor Walcott. [Ben Chapman / Daily News]

Verizon Contract: Liu criticized for “pandering” to union. [Daily News]

Crown Heights: Panel invite to Sharpton reignites debate about his role then. [Andy Stolis / NY Post]

Crown Heights: “If it is not an event that will heal, it is not an event that I will partake in,” said Sharpton. [Simone Weichselbaum / Daily News]

City Council: “He has no regard for the law, and this is a person who wants to be a lawmaker,” challenger Allan Jennings said of Councilman Ruben Wills. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

Immigration: Bloomberg hasn’t take a position on Quinn’s bill to end city’s participation in a federal program that has led to the deportation of people from Rikers Island. [Reuven Blau / Daily News]

9/11: “Christie privately lambasted Bloomberg as ‘Napoleon,’ ‘a dictator’ and ‘a putz'” for not inviting the NJ governor of 2001 to the 10th anniversary. [Josh Margolin and Bob Fredericks / NY Post]

9/11: Prompted by Florida congressman, FBI probe of Ground Zero workers shows none are suspected terrorists. [Devlin Barrett / WSJ]

Transportation: [A judge] made clear that he believes Sadik-Khan made a mockery of her responsibilities to provide the public with full access to city records as required by the Freedom of Information Law.” [Daily News]

Decoding Sharpton: “Most of the candidates who pay tribute to him aren’t nearly as concerned with the support of a man who has never drawn even 150,000 votes in four losing runs for office, as with defending themselves from the negative attention he can summon.” [Harry Siegel / Village Voice]