Disgruntled Employees of Bain-Owned Companies Plan RNC Ambush for Romney

146567648 Disgruntled Employees of Bain Owned Companies Plan RNC Ambush for Romney
Mitt Romney (Photo: Getty)

The progressive activist group UnitedNY is sending a group of people who have “worked for various companies owned by Bain Capital” to Tampa to serve as “ambassadors for the 99%” at the Republican National Convention. UnitedNY announced their convention plans today via a press release inviting reporters to watch the Bain workers depart from JFK on Saturday.

“The workers traveling to Tampa have worked for various companies owned by Bain Capital, a private equity firm Mitt Romney founded in 1984. They will participate in protests to draw attention to the harmful effects a “Romney-Ryan” economy would have on the vast majority of Americans,” the press release said.  Continue reading “Disgruntled Employees of Bain-Owned Companies Plan RNC Ambush for Romney”