Liberal Party Endorses Catsimatidis

Mayoral candidate John Catsimaidis. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Mayoral candidate John Catsimaidis. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The Liberal Party endorsed Republican John Catsimatidis as its mayoral candidate, party heads announced at a press conference Tuesday.

“John Catsimatidis understands history and respects the power of a successful Republican-Liberal Party fusion in New York City electoral politic,” party chair  Jack Olchin said in a statement. “In addition, John also understands the concerns and aspirations of all New Yorkers and we feel he will be a people’s Mayor just like the first Republican-Liberal Party fusion Mayor, Fiorello LaGuardia in the 1940’s.”

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Plenty of Bark and Bite at Animal Rights Mayoral Forum

Mayoral candidates clash at an animal rights forum yesterday.
Mayoral candidates clash at an animal rights forum yesterday.

The candidates for mayor of New York City made their pitch to animal lovers yesterday, and needless to say, they repeatedly professed their love for various species that don’t have a vote.

Republican John Catsimatidis–who likes to call himself “the cat man”–once begged the fire department to rescue his daughter’s cockatiel, for example. Bill Thompson claimed that he had not one, but two rescued cats. And Sal Albanese insisted his mother-in-law lived a few years longer because of a chihuahua named Joey. Continue reading “Plenty of Bark and Bite at Animal Rights Mayoral Forum”

Tom Allon and Joe Lhota Do Lunch

Joe Lhota and Tom Allon dining together at Michael's.
Joe Lhota and Tom Allon dining together at Michael’s.

About two hours after announcing he was ending his campaign for mayor, local media mogul Tom Allon had lunch with a man he would have faced off against in September’s Republican mayoral primary, former MTA chairman Joe Lhota. Both men insisted their meal at Michael’s in Midtown was already on the schedule and wasn’t a sign Mr. Allon will be endorsing Mr. Lhota following his departure from the race.

“We had an appointment to meet a couple weeks ago and it’s just by happenstance,” Mr. Lhota said when asked about the timing of the meal. “It’s the honest to god truth.” Continue reading “Tom Allon and Joe Lhota Do Lunch”

Tom Allon Is Dropping Out of the Mayor’s Race

Tom Allon (Photo: Facebook)
Tom Allon (Photo: Facebook)

A little over five months after he announced a “fusion candidacy” for mayor on the Liberal and Republican party lines, Tom Allon, CEO of the local newspaper chain Manhattan Media, is ending his bid for City Hall. Mr. Allon announced his decision in a statement that attributed the decision to his direct acquisition of Manhattan Media’s political news organization, City and State Media.

“When I decided to enter the mayoral race in July, 2011, I had a deep desire to lead this wonderful and unique city and to finally fix our crumbling public education system, the single greatest cause of New York City’s jobs crisis and increasing inequality in the five boroughs,” Mr. Allon said. Continue reading “Tom Allon Is Dropping Out of the Mayor’s Race”

And They’re Off: A Crowded Pack of Candidates and Crazies Races Toward City Hall

New York City’s last two mayors each left an indelible mark on the city. Rudy Giuliani’s eight years are remembered for his crime crackdown, the Disneyfication of Times Square and millions weeping as one after the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. Mike Bloomberg’s town is an emerging tech hub, dotted with modern public spaces and glass towers, and packed with tourists and ex-smokers riding their bikes to Whole Foods. All that, plus a yogurt store on every block, $4,500 one-bedroom apartments in once-forsaken Brooklyn neighborhoods and a growing class divide that makes Downton Abbey look like a socialist commune. On the positive side: there’s still no Walmart here.

Among all public officials, the mayor is the one who shapes our day-to-day lives the most: not just our subways, schools and streets, but our ethos and identity as a city. This mayoral election, New York City’s first with no incumbent in more than a decade, has attracted a slew of hopefuls eager to remake the city in their own images. And what images they are. Assembled at the starting line are a quartet of formidable Democrats, alongside a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, a man with his own catchphrase and action figure, and a vibrator-wielding, marijuana smoking, alligator-hugging YouTube ranter.

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The Way They Were: Mayoral Candidates in High School

As next year’s mayoral race begins to heat up, Politicker took a look back and dug up the high school yearbooks of some of the likely candidates. Our journey into the past unearthed evidence of Bill Thompson’s musical talents, John Liu’s love of skateboarding, Tom Allon’s plans to be a doctor and some truly incredible vintage hairstyles.  Continue reading “The Way They Were: Mayoral Candidates in High School”

Tom Allon Says His Mayoral Rivals ‘Should Be Judged’ for Independence Party Meeting

Tom Allon
Tom Allon

Tom Allon wants you to know he doesn’t have an Independence streak.

The Manhattan Media CEO, recent Republican and long-shot mayoral candidate released a statement blasting the controversial Independence Party and his rivals in the wake of an opinionated Daily News investigation into the party’s origins. The piece, which quoted party leader Lenora Fulani asserting that Jews “do the dirtiest work of capitalism, to function as mass murderers of people of color,” enraged Mr. Allon. Continue reading “Tom Allon Says His Mayoral Rivals ‘Should Be Judged’ for Independence Party Meeting”