DNC Apologizes to Ann Romney For Horsing Around

romneyhorse DNC Apologizes to Ann Romney For Horsing Around
A still from the DNC’s dancing horse ad. (Photo: YouTube)

DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse told ABC News yesterday that he was sorry if new ads hitting Mitt Romney on his refusal to release his tax returns offended Ann Romney. The ads in question featured Ms. Romney’s dancing dressage horse, Rafalca, which is headed to the London Olympics. In the ads, the DNC uses footage of the prancing horse to make the claim Mr. Romney is “dancing around the issues” of his taxes and personal finances.

“Our use of the Romneys’ dressage horse was not meant to offend Mrs. Romney in any way, and we regret it if it did,” Mr. Woodhouse said. “We were simply making a point about Governor Romney’s failure to give straight answers on a variety of issues in this race. We have no plans to invoke the horse any further to avoid misinterpretation.” Continue reading “DNC Apologizes to Ann Romney For Horsing Around”

Tim Pawlenty Says He’s Not Boring: ‘I’ll Show You My Tats’

120775418 Tim Pawlenty Says Hes Not Boring: Ill Show You My Tats
Tim Pawlenty (Photo: Getty)

Tim Pawlenty, one of the frontrunners in Mitt Romney’s veepstakes, appeared on Fox News’ Your World With Neil Cavuto and the host asked him about the perception he’s potentially too boring to be Mr. Romney’s running mate. Mr. Pawlenty rejected the notion and said he’d be willing to show off his “tats” to prove he’s not dull. Continue reading “Tim Pawlenty Says He’s Not Boring: ‘I’ll Show You My Tats’”

Matt Drudge Names Another Potential Romney Veep Pick

136569253 Matt Drudge Names Another Potential Romney Veep Pick
Tim Pawlenty campaigning with Mitt Romney in New Hampshire in January. (Photo: Getty)

Just four days after claiming Condoleezza Rice was the “frontrunner” in Mitt Romney’s veepstakes, the Drudge Report is claiming Mr. Romney has “made his decision” and decided on former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

The Drudge Report’s proprietor, Matt Drudge reportedly has a close relationship with Mr. Romney’s campaign manager Matt Rhoades. Mr. Drudge’s close connections to the Romney campaign make it possible he has some inside information about the vice presidential vetting process, but it has also led to speculation he may be trying to shift the conversation away from the continuing controversy over Mr. Romney’s departure from Bain Capital.

This time around, Mr. Drudge pegged his claim to a New York Times report that Mr. Romney is considering tapping Mr. Pawlenty. Officially, the Romney campaign is not commenting on the veepstakes rumors.

“We don’t discuss VP speculation,” Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul told The PolitickerContinue reading “Matt Drudge Names Another Potential Romney Veep Pick”

Sunday Reading: Bachmann Surges, Pawlenty Exits, Perry Enters

120933654 Sunday Reading: Bachmann Surges, Pawlenty Exits, Perry Enters
AUGUST 12: Minnesota Congresswoman and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann looks out the window of her bus as she leaves the Iowa State Fair August 12, 2011 in Des Moines, Iowa. Most of the Republican presidential hopefuls are visiting the fair ahead of Saturday's Iowa Straw Poll to greet voters and engage in the traditional Iowa campaigning ritual. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)


2012: Bachmann wins Ames straw pol with 4,823 votes; Ron Paul got 4,671. Pawlenty got 2,292. [Thomas DeFrank and Rich Schapiro / Daily News]

2012: Pawlenty drops out. [ABC News]

2012: Texas Gov. Rick Perry enters, officially. [Dave Montgomery / Star-Telegram]

2012: “Perry’s announcement stepped on Bachmann’s triumph in the Ames Straw Poll, the biggest moment yet in her presidential campaign.” [West, Mehta and Reston / SentinelSource.com]

2012: “Republicans sense a new opportunity to win back the White House, but there was little clarity about whether voters would choose someone from the party establishment, an outsider or a hybrid.” [Jeff Zeleny / New York Times]

2012: Romney’s name was on the Ames ballot, but didn’t campaign; Perry was not on the ballot. [Jonathan Weisman and Neil King Jr. / WSJ]

2012: Fact-checking Perry’s statements on budget, jobs. [Dallas News]

2012: Perry’s program to fund tech companies in Texas gave a lot of money to companies run by political donors. [Charles Dameron / WSJ]

Congress: “Rep. Nydia Velazquez has not sponsored one bill, amendment or resolution this year.” [Alison Gendar / Daily News]

Lawsuit: GOP County Exec in Buffalo, Collins, accused of unfairly firing a prominent Democrat in his administration. [Phil Fairbanks / Buffalo News]

Ads: Spokeswoman for Collins’ Dem rival explained why they are using actors in their campaign ads. [Robert McCarthy / Buffalo News]

Ads: Bloomberg highlights his fight against coal. [Flickr]

Redistricting: “About the only thing near-certain is that all of Staten Island will remain in the 13th C.D., which will link in some fashion to Brooklyn and not Manhattan, as it did several decades back.” [Judy Randall / SI Advance]

Layoffs: NYC delayed sending pink slips to 465 park workers; may send next week if deal with labor union isn’t achieved. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

Unions: CSEA will tally votes tomorrow on whether to accept deal with Cuomo. [Rick Karlin / Times Union]

NYPD: Ticket-fixing probe shrinks scope down to 12 cops. “No high-ranking member of the NYPD are expected to be charged.” [Alison Gendar andKevin Deutsch / Daily News]

NYC Dept. of Corrections: Chief Davis resigned. He may have used a public employees as “his personal valets.” [Reuven Blau and John Doyle / Daily News]

NYC Dept. of Corrections: “Department of Investigation began looking into allegations that Davis took vacations that were paid for by his subordinates.” [Goldenberg, Otis and Perone / NY Post]

Brooklyn: Vito Lopez allies are new board members of Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council. [Gary Buiso and Aaron Short / NY Post]

Crown Heights: How much has changed since the 1991 riots there? [Simone Weichselbaum and Katie Nelson / Daily News]

Transportation: “[W]e hope New Yorkers will heed our ad campaign, “Don’t Be a Jerk,” and call out the rogue riders,” wrote NYC Transportation Commissioner. [Voice of the People / Daily News]

Fracking: Editors urge Christie to veto NJ bill outlawing franking. “[I]t would do enormous damage. To the nation. To Jersey. And even to Christie’s own political prospects (should he ever decide to seek national office).” [NY Post]

Trees: Some newly planted trees in Brooklyn aren’t doing so well. [Sarah / KensingtonProspect.com]

Schools: In one year, Buffalo Superintendent out of town “more a total of more than 130 days.” Currently on vacation while Board of Ed tries firing him. [Mary Pasciak / Buffalo News]

Schools: Bloomberg defends new sex education requirement; says parents aren’t teaching their kids these lessons. [Michael Saul and Lisa Fleisher / WSJ]

District Attorney: Two high-profile losses may hinder a Texas DA’s first re-election. [Geoff Grammar / Santa Fe New Mexican]

Opinion: “He is still the same anti-American leftist he was before becoming our president.” [Norman Podhoretz / WSJ]

Media: NYT public editor asks, “did Joe Nocera really go too far” when he called Tea Party members “terrorists” on a “jihad”? [Arthur Brisbane / New York Times]

Romney's Second Quarter Haul: $18 M.

116009127 Romney's Second Quarter Haul: $18 M.Mitt Romney raised $18.25 million for his primary campaign over the last three months, according to an email from his campaign this morning.

Romney had made a concerted push during the second quarter, in the hopes of establishing himself as the obvious front-runner. The former Massachusetts governor told donors in March that the goal was $50 million, though there seems to be some dispute over whether that was a quarterly goal, or a cumulative one for the primary.  Continue reading “Romney's Second Quarter Haul: $18 M.”

Pawlenty Raises Off Foreign Policy Speech

On the heels of his speech to the Council on Foreign Relations this morning, Tim Pawlenty sent out an email to supporters asking them to support his vision “for a resolute American foreign policy that will promote American interests overseas and bolster our national security.”

Pawlenty — who has struggled to gain traction in the polls, and is expected to lag well behind Mitt Romney in second-quarter fundraising — is trying to sell himself as the most hawkish of the primary field. Continue reading “Pawlenty Raises Off Foreign Policy Speech”

Pawlenty Tries to Take Flight, As Middle East Hawk

pawlenty cfr e1309282275859 Pawlenty Tries to Take Flight, As Middle East HawkIn a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations this morning, Tim Pawlenty offered a robust defense of a hawkish foreign policy modeled on — who else? — former president Ronald Reagan.

“Today in our own Republican Party, some look back and conclude our projection of strength and defense of freedom was a product of different times and different challenges,” Pawlenty said. “Well, times have changed, but the nature of the challenge has not.” Continue reading “Pawlenty Tries to Take Flight, As Middle East Hawk”