Congressional Candidate Links Incumbent to Rob Ford

Tim Bishop, Barack Obama and Rob Ford in the ad. (Screengrab: YouTube)
Tim Bishop, Barack Obama and Rob Ford in the ad. (Screengrab: YouTube)

In what might be considered a bit of a stretch, Long Island congressional hopeful George Demos is connecting the Democratic incumbent, Tim Bishop, to infamous Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who recently admitted to smoking crack and has been caught in a bizarre spiral of over-the-top behavior since. Continue reading “Congressional Candidate Links Incumbent to Rob Ford”

Chamber of Commerce Ramps up Efforts in New York Congressional Races

tim bishop ad Chamber of Commerce Ramps up Efforts in New York Congressional Races
Tim Bishop’s record of failure apparently needs to end. (Photo: YouTube)

This morning, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce officially set its sights on six congressional races across New York State and launched ads in each of them. Stretching from Long Island to Buffalo, the broadcast barrage attacks Democratic congressional incumbents Tim Bishop, Kathy Hochul, Bill Owens and Louise Slaughter, and attempts to beat back Democratic candidates Sean Patrick Maloney and Dan Maffei.

The size of the ad buy wasn’t immediately available, but the Chamber launched a significant $3.3 million campaign for California Republicans last week, so their New York  has the potential to be sizable.

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Tim Bishop Calls Opponent ‘Despicable’ in Latest Ad [Video]

tim bishop youtube Tim Bishop Calls Opponent Despicable in Latest Ad [Video]
(Photo: YouTube)

There’s an aggressive air war going on in Suffolk County, and it’s all centered around a Politico report that Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop’s campaign made a fundraising request to a constituent Mr. Bishop was helping navigate federal bureaucracy. Republicans saw it as a blatant quid-pro-quo while Mr. Bishop’s supporters, including the constituent himself, argued that there was nothing notable about this chain of events.

Soon after that report, Mr. Bishop launched ads accusing his GOP opponent Randy Altschuler of supporting outsourcing, causing Mr. Altschuler to respond with his own blistering ad.

“Why is Tim Bishop running a dishonest campaign?” the narrator for Mr. Altschuler’s ad rhetorically asked. “He’s trying to cover up a scandal, a big one!”

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George Demos Withdraws

george demos wiki George Demos Withdraws
(Photo: Wikimedia)

George Demos, one of the two main candidates vying for the Republican nomination to run against Suffolk Rep. Tim Bishop, issued a statement this evening announcing his withdrawal from the race, effectively making Randy Altschuler the GOP candidate in the race this November.

In the letter sent to his supporters, Mr. Demos cited his upcoming marriage for his exit, although cynics might point to his underdog status in the Republican primary for the reason instead.

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NRCC Hopes Obamacare’s Day in Court Will Help Sink Local Democrats

nrcc twitter NRCC Hopes Obamacares Day in Court Will Help Sink Local Democrats
(Photo: Twitter)

The National Republican Congressional Committee, the campaign arm of the House Republicans, has been relentlessly focused on tying President Barack Obama’s health care reform legislation around the necks of at least two Democrats in recent weeks: Long Island Congressman Tim Bishop and Staten Island challenger Mark Murphy.

Since March 14th, the NRCC sent The Politicker no less than 13 press releases attacking the two Democrats on the issue with headlines such as “Bishop is Responsible for ObamaCare’s Broken Promises” and “With Obama in Hiding, Will Murphy Help House Dems Defend Government Healthcare Takeover?”

Most recently, the NRCC blasted out a statement connecting Mr. Murphy to the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on a case against the bill today.

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Demos Hits Bishop On 'Horse Slaughter' Vote

 Demos Hits Bishop On 'Horse Slaughter' VoteYesterday Congress lifted a five-year ban on funding horse meat inspections. Among the “yay” votes was Suffolk County congressman Tim Bishop, who took some heat from one of his GOP challengers, George Demos.

Mr. Demos accused Congressman Bishop of corruption, since he has supported keeping in place fishery quotas in the waters off of Long Island.

“After the failed Obama-Bishop stimulus plan that created no ‘shovel ready’ jobs, Tim Bishop voted to create ‘slaughter ready’ jobs by voting to authorize the killing of majestic creatures and feeding them to Americans as if we are some third world country,” Mr. Demos said in a statement. “It’s bad enough to outsource American jobs to third world countries without in-sourcing foreign diets to American dinner plates.” Continue reading “Demos Hits Bishop On 'Horse Slaughter' Vote”

Bishop On Board: LI Congressman With Massive Fundraising Haul

bishop Bishop On Board: LI Congressman With Massive Fundraising HaulSuffolk County Congressman Tim Bishop is reporting a huge fundraising haul this quarter.

The Long Island pol has brought in close to $315,000 in the last few months, more than any of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “frontline” members, so-called because they are considered to be among the Democrats most vulnerable incumbents.

In 2010, Mr. Bishop squared off against Republican businessman Randy Altschuler, and squeezed out a few hundred vote when in a recount that lasted until December. This time around, Mr. Altschuler is preparing for a rematch, assuming he can escape a primary battle re-match with George Demos.

For his part, Mr. Altschuler reported $228,000 raised this quarter. He has $422,000 on hand, compared to close to $1 million for Mr. Bishop.

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