Giuliani Blames Libya Attack ‘Cover-Up’ on Obama’s ‘Fantasy World’

giuliani youtube Giuliani Blames Libya Attack Cover Up on Obamas Fantasy World
Rudy Giuliani speaking. (Photo: YouTube)

You can officially count former Mayor Rudy Giuliuani among President Barack Obama’s critics over his controversial handling of last month’s attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. At a fundraiser for GOP congressional hopeful Dan Halloran earlier this week, Mr. Giuliani simply unloaded on the Obama administration’s “cover-up” of the incident’s terrorist roots, which he described as a “bunch of lies” based on Mr. Obama’s political calculations and “fantasy world” delusions.

“This was a ‘terrorist attack,'” Mr. Giuliani said. “The president has hard time saying those words. He has a hard time saying those words because he lives in a fantasy world. The fantasy world he lives in is that Islamic extremist terrorism, even if it exists, shouldn’t be acknowledged. We pretend they’re not at war with us; we’re certainly not at war with them.”

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Grimm: 9/11 Families Shouldn’t ‘Have to Go Through Any More of This Crap’

grimm fox and friends Grimm: 9/11 Families Shouldnt Have to Go Through Any More of This Crap
(Photo: YouTube)

Congressman Michael Grimm didn’t mince words earlier today when he discussed the ongoing trials of individuals accused of helping mastermind the infamous September 11th attacks.

“At this point, it’s a complete circus,” Mr. Grimm said, referring to the mocking antics some of the accused put on display for the victims’ families watching. “The world though is seeing that these are just animals, thugs, low-life criminals that are void of humanity, and that they don’t have any cause at all.”

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