Bill de Blasio Hitting the Airwaves Tomorrow

Bill de Blasio.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Bill de Blasio. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is set to hit the airwaves tomorrow with the first ad buy of his mayoral race.

Mr. de Blasio, whose campaign appears to be gaining momentum as the clock ticks toward primary day, has been working to re-introduce himself to voters in the wake of Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal, which appears to have given him an opening in the polls.

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Christine ‘Middle Class’ Quinn Launches First TV Ad

A scene from the ad.
A scene from the ad.

As a new poll shows her again leading the mayor’s race, Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s campaign is going up on the air with the first ad of the Democratic primary.

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Tish James Takes on Fox News

Councilwoman Tish James (Photo: Facebook)
Councilwoman Tish James (Photo: Facebook)

Councilwoman and candidate for Public Advocate Tish James wants an apology from the Fox News host who suggested rapes do not occur on college campuses during an appearance on the roundtable show The Five.

“Questioning whether rapes happen on college campuses is deeply offensive to all, especially those who have suffered irreparable harm as a result of these vicious crimes,” Ms. James said in a statement. “Furthermore, when the very existence of rape is challenged in a public forum, such as a widely-viewed cable news channel, it discourages the reporting of an already under-reported crime.” Continue reading “Tish James Takes on Fox News”

David Axelrod Signs on at MSNBC and NBC News

David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)
David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)

President Barack Obama’s longtime strategy guru David Axelrod has signed on for a post-campaign gig as a “senior political analyst” for NBC News and MSNBC. Mr. Axelrod previously served as a senior strategist for President Obama in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. During the president’s first term, he was on the White House staff as a senior advisor. Continue reading “David Axelrod Signs on at MSNBC and NBC News”

There Is No Love Lost Between Senator Ruben Diaz and Gerson Borrero

Gerson Borrero and State Senator Ruben Diaz in their respective hats.
Gerson Borrero and State Senator Ruben Diaz in their respective hats.

The latest edition of State Senator Ruben Diaz’s periodic “What You Should Know” email columns contained an attack against Gerson Borrero, a NY1 contributor and columnist for the Spanish-language newspaper El Diario. In his email, Mr. Diaz accused Mr. Borrero of lying about him, having a “deep obsession” with him and even “trying to imitate my dressing style.”

“There are some people who, when they fall in love or feel envious, may easily feel rejected. Any real or perceived rejection could bring them to the edge of absurdity. Sometimes they even become liars,” Mr. Diaz wrote. “This seems to be true in the case of Mr. Gerson Borrero, a reporter, who has issues with me. If you read or hear Mr. Borrero’s writings or commentaries about me, you might think this individual has a deep obsession with me.”

Mr. Borrero had some harsh words of his own for Mr. Diaz when Politicker called him to discuss the column this morning.

“I’m not particularly obsessed with him like he suggests,” said Mr. Borrero. “I’m definitely not enamored with him. I don’t like him, I’ve never had such bad taste. I think he’s an ugly person, not physically, he is an ugly human being. I think he is Lucifer personified.” Continue reading “There Is No Love Lost Between Senator Ruben Diaz and Gerson Borrero”

Lena Dunham May Have Voted After All

Lena Dunham (Photo: Twitter)
Lena Dunham (Photo: Twitter)

Lena Dunham, the star and creator of HBO’s zeitgeisty comedy Girls, took to Twitter this afternoon to fight back against reports she did not vote in the presidential election last year despite filming a controversial ad urging others to cast a ballot for President Barack Obama. According to officials at the Board of Elections in Brooklyn, Ms. Dunham’s claim she voted by affidavit ballot may have merit.

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Previewing President Obama’s Daily Show Interview

obama daily show Previewing President Obamas <em>Daily Show</em> Interview
Barack Obama and Jon Stewart earlier today. (Photo: Getty)

Earlier this evening, President Barack Obama sat down with Jon Stewart to tape an extended, fourteen minute interview for The Daily Show set to air later tonight. While we don’t know everything that was said, a good portion of the discussion was included in a recently-distributed White House pool report.

Mr. Stewart began by declaring he’s making a campaign scrapbook, and he showed Mr. Obama two pictures and said they came from the presidential debates. As the pool report put it, “One showed Michelle Obama looking at him very angrily onstage afterward, and the other showed her smiling broadly at him afterward.”

“Do you know which debate was which?” Mr. Stewart asked.

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