Mayor Bloomberg’s Spokesman Explains How Only One Reporter Was Arrested During The Zuccotti Park Raid [Update]

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Stu Loeser (Photo: Facebook)

This morning, we wrote about an interview NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and the Department’s top spokesman Paul Browne gave to the Queens Chronicle in which Mr. Browne discussed the arrests of reporters following the police raid on the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park.

“Paul Browne, the deputy commissioner for public information, who accompanied Kelly to the interview, added that only one journalist was arrested during the operation, despite stories to the contrary, which he called ‘a total myth,'” Chronicle Editor in Chief Peter C. Mastrosimone wrote.

We noted that this seemed to be a discrepancy with an email Mayor Bloomberg’s top spokesman sent in response to a post on the Awl describing reporters arrested while covering the Occupy Wall Street raid in which he acknowledged five reporters with press credentials were arrested.

We reached out to both Mr. Browne and Mr. Loeser to explain why they seemed to be in disagreement. A heated Mr. Loeser called us back to explain that only one reporter was arrested in Zuccotti Park itself while the other reporters were arrested in other areas that day.

“He’s talking about the issue at Zuccotti Park,” Mr. Loeser said of Mr. Browne’s comments. “There’s not a discrepancy.” Continue reading “Mayor Bloomberg’s Spokesman Explains How Only One Reporter Was Arrested During The Zuccotti Park Raid [Update]”

Bloomberg’s Press Posse Pokes Fun At Poop Protest

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Stu Loeser as he is most often seen, wielding his Blackberry a few steps away from the mayor. (Photo: Facebook)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s staff apparently got quite a kick out of the NYPD’s surveillance video allegedly showing Occupy Wall Streeters pouring poop in a plaza and at a Chase ATM in Lower Manhattan. Two members of Mayor Bloomberg’s press team Tweeted the footage along with mocking parodies of popular Occupy slogans.

“Whose poop? Their poop!” wrote Mayor Bloomberg’s press secretary, Stu Loeser. Continue reading “Bloomberg’s Press Posse Pokes Fun At Poop Protest”

Mayor Bloomberg On The Giants, Jets, Knicks And Nets

mayorbloombergsports Mayor Bloomberg On The Giants, Jets, Knicks And Nets
Mayor Bloomberg (Getty)

Mayor Bloomberg has a sports-filled weekend planned. He’s going to watch the Giants go up against Jets and the Knicks playing his hometown Boston Celtics. However, the mayor refrained from publicly picking favorites during a press conference celebrating the new taxi bill today.  Continue reading “Mayor Bloomberg On The Giants, Jets, Knicks And Nets”

Ranking New York Politicos on Twitter

A reader passed on a link to this highly addictive and unscientific web site which quantifies the clout people have on Twitter.

It’s a 100-point scale, with higher being better, and the site claims to crunch over 35 variables to generate a number that “is highly correlated to clicks, comments and retweets.”

So, here are the rankings for some New York figures. In short, Bloomberg (71) does pretty well, but Anthony Weiner (76) looms large over us all.

If you find rankings for other politicos, stick them in the comments section.

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