Cuomo Dodges Astorino Questions by Hyping Potential GOP Challengers

(Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GettyImages)
Andrew Cuomo. (Photo: Mandel Ngan/Getty)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today did his best to undermine his new Republican challenger, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, suggesting Mr. Astorino might not even win his own primary.

Even as Mr. Astorino appears likely to become the Republican nominee–the only other prominent candidate, Donald Trump, said he would only run unopposed–Mr. Cuomo nevertheless cast doubt on Mr. Astorino.

“I’ve seen the movie before. I’ve run for governor before, obviously. That’s how you become governor, to state the obvious,” he said this morning, speaking on The Capitol Pressroom radio show. Continue reading “Cuomo Dodges Astorino Questions by Hyping Potential GOP Challengers”

Morning Read: More Ticket-Fixing Allegations, Levy Heads to China

5654799869 ef82b4d6c9  Morning Read: More Ticket Fixing Allegations, Levy Heads to China
Mayor Bloomberg joins the cast of Glee to celebrate the final episodes of their second season. April 25, 2011 (Photo Credit: Spencer T Tucker)

2012: DCCC helped publicize story detailing accusations against Rep. Grimm; NY13 in play next year. [Alison Gendar]

2012: Disturbing, decades-old allegations against Rep. Grimm don’t shake his supporters. [John Annese]

2013: Bloomberg and Liu clash often and rarely speak. [David Chen]

Ticket Fixing: Not just traffic violations: “thousands of hours of tape” about burying “domestic violence incidents involving off-duty cops…drunk-driving incidents involving their brethren…making arrangements for and paying prostates.” [Murray Weiss]

Ticket Fixing: Prosecutor lost his own ticket case; got no special treatment. [Rocco Parascandola]

Budget NYC: “it will be very painful because we have a lot less money, which means a lot fewer people,” says Bloomberg. [David Seifman]

Traveling: Lame duck Suffolk County Exec Steve Levy taking official trip to China. [James Madore]

Lax Enforcement: Site of deadly Bronx fire got 5 complaints from city — “last one 11 days before the fire…no record the department did anything.” [Benjamin Lesser and Brian Kates]

Same-Sex Marriage: Editors applaud Cuomo’s engagement of the issue. [New York Times]

Same-Sex Marriage: “are opportunity for legislators to be heroes.” Six votes needed. [Bill Hammond]

Same-Sex Marriage: Not much support among business community. [Crain’s]

Profiles: Advocates like AG Schneideman. [Simon Garron-Caine]

Outreach: “White House Launches First Ever Website for Blacks” [The Challenger]

Changes: New district chief of staff, new office, for Rep. Serrano. [Bill Weisbrod]

Voting: Make Election Day a national holiday. [Atticus Brigham]

Unions: Cuomo’s contract offer to Council 82 is a “big bet” on landing similar deals with larger unions. [Rick Karlin]

Bike Lanes: More police enforcement of traffic rules needed. [New York Post]

Taxis: Kellner complains of a loophole in city’s hunt for new vehicles. [Crain’s]

Consolidation: Cuomo’s group meets; will there be any acronym problems? [Jimmy Vielkind]

Taxes: Editors disagree with Bloomberg and Cuomo, and say tax the rich. [Washington Square News]

Punishments: Jail shoppers who buy counterfeits, proposes Councilwoman Chin. [John Doyle]

Bridge Backup: One cash tollbooth clerk at bridge; five-hour delays; officials demand meeting with PA boss Chris Ward. [Frank Donnelly]

Mixed Martial Arts: Safer than NFL, argues opinion editor. [Eli Epstein]

Unappointed: Councilman Comrie declines to say why he didn’t reappoint Community Board 12 chairwoman. [Ivan Pereira]

Small Business: Rapper Styles P, and friends, open a juice bar in the Bronx. [Bill Weisbrod]

Inmates: Hevesi rubs shoulders with Kozlowski. [Ken Lovett]

Media: 25 years of media studies, broken down into 4 rules. [Jay Rosen]