Steve Israel Touts New York’s Chocolate-Covered Pizza


Long Island Congressman Steve Israel, last seen facing off with Rep. Jerry Nadler over whose Jewish deli was superior, has expanded his competitive food interests to pizza. And at a New York event this weekend for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Mr. Israel presented a chocolate-covered pizza to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to argue the Empire State’s pizza is, in fact, better than her native California’s.

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NRCC Says Obama’s Priorities Include ‘Martian Menus,’ ‘Robotic Squirrels’ and ‘Scaring American Families’

A graphic representation of "Martian Meals" from Sen. Tom Coburn's "Wastebook." (Photo:
A graphic representation of “Martian Meals” from Sen. Tom Coburn’s “Wastebook.” (Photo:

With the $85 billion in automatic so-called “sequester” budget cuts set to take affect tomorrow, the National Republican Congressional Committee has released a series of press releases blaming the situation on President Barack Obama’s fondness for “martian menus” and “robotic squirrels.” According to the NRCC, President Obama and House Democrats are more interested in funding wasteful programs and “scaring American families” than protecting the country from the impending, drastic cuts, so they highlighted a series of initiatives, including plans to develop food for astronauts and funding for a “Robosquirrel” used to research rattlesnake behavior. Several versions of the NRCC statement were released pairing President Barack Obama with different Democratic members of Congress.

“Most Americans will never get to order off the ‘Mars Menu’ that their taxpayer dollars are funding, but instead of cutting wasteful programs like that one, President Obama and Jim Himes are allowing cuts to important programs and services,” NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek said in the statement targeting Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes. “Rather than trying to scare Americans, Obama and Himes should agree to responsible cuts to wasteful Washington spending.” Continue reading “NRCC Says Obama’s Priorities Include ‘Martian Menus,’ ‘Robotic Squirrels’ and ‘Scaring American Families’”

Filings Keep Rolling In: Carolyn McCarthy Scores $274,000

carolyn mccarthy fb Filings Keep Rolling In: Carolyn McCarthy Scores $274,000
Carolyn McCarthy (Photo: Facebook)

Two Long Island congressional finance reports just popped up on the Federal Elections Commission’s website: Democrats Steve Israel and Carolyn McCarthy.

Mr. Israel, who netted north of $400,000, is less notable, however, as he is a more entrenched incumbent. Ms. McCarthy, on the other hand, won reelection with about 54% in 2010 and could see a potentially competitive election against same opponent as last time, GOP Nassau County Legislator Fran Becker. She raised just over $274,000 in the last three months.

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Steve Israel: Redistricting Helped Team Blue

steve israel ny1 Steve Israel: Redistricting Helped Team Blue
Congressman Israel (Photo: NY1)

New York Congressman Steve Israel, who heads up the House Democrats’ campaign efforts, made an interesting pitch to NY1’s Errol Louis on Inside City Hall last Friday. He argued the most New York is now in play with the judge’s new congressional redistricting plan.

“Right in New York, as a result of the map the courts have approved, we have races all over the state that will be competitive,” he said, before ticking down a laundry list of newly competitive seats.

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Steve Israel: GOP Didn’t Take House in 2010–Rove and the Koch Brothers Did

steve israel Steve Israel: GOP Didnt Take House in 2010  Rove and the Koch Brothers DidSteve Israel, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, appeared on CNN this morning in order to explain why he is confident that the Democrats will retake the House in 2012–and why it is okay for them to take SuperPAC money.

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Steve Israel: 'I Am Voting Yes'

steve israel Steve Israel: 'I Am Voting Yes'Long Island Congressman Steve Israel just sent out word that he is voting with the Republican majority to raise the federal debt ceiling.

Israel is in something of a tricky spot. He is a moderate Democrat, but, as the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he is also one of the leaders of the Caucus and responsible for retaking the House in 2012.

Thus, notice in his statement below that he quickly pivots from his yes vote and moves to hit the Republicans for their rigid negotiating posture. Expect more like this from other Democrats signing onto the bill.


“I am voting yes because default is not an option. Now we will continue to hold House Republicans accountable for their failure to create jobs and their attempts to end Medicare. We relish the opportunity to fight them hard over their out-of-touch support for corporate tax loopholes and Big Oil subsidies. That is where the battle shifts. House Democrats will continue fighting for the middle class.”

Gillibrand Calls Allen West Email 'Simply Unacceptable'

gillibrand podium Gillibrand Calls Allen West Email 'Simply Unacceptable'Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is standing up for her friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Yesterday, Florida Republican Allen West took exception to some comments from Wasserman Schulz on the House floor about how he was forsaking South Florida’s seniors, and he sent an email calling her “vile, unprofessional, and despicable”  and “not a Lady,” among other things. (Ironically, West lives in her district.)

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