Schumer Wants to Bring the Super Bowl Back to New York

Robert Carr/Getty Images
Seattle Sea Hawks quarterback Russell Wilson celebrating his win yesterday. (Photo: Robert Carr/Getty)

The Super Bowl might touch down in New York twice in one decade–at least if Senator Chuck Schumer has his way.

Mr. Schumer held a Midtown press conference this morning to call on the National Football League to let the city host the big game again soon–ideally in 2019 or 2020. Continue reading “Schumer Wants to Bring the Super Bowl Back to New York”

Chris Christie Booed at Times Square Super Bowl Rally

Chris Christie at today's ceremony. (Photo: Christopher Gregory/Getty)
Chris Christie at today’s ceremony. (Photo: Christopher Gregory/Getty)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal today followed him all the way across the George Washington Bridge and into New York City.

At a Times Square Super Bowl hand-off ceremony, where Mr. Christie was on hand to pass the figurative baton to Arizona’s governor, who will host the game next year, Mr. Christie was booed both when he was introduced and as he addressed the sports fans gathered. Continue reading “Chris Christie Booed at Times Square Super Bowl Rally”

Councilman Levin Moves to Regulate Youth Football


Brooklyn Councilman Steve Levin, taken aback by the Esquire Network’s new Friday Night Tykes documentary series chronicling the intensity of youth football, is backing legislation to regulate the sport in the five boroughs. Continue reading “Councilman Levin Moves to Regulate Youth Football”

Speaker Candidates Navigate New Red Sox Politics

Red Sox fans celebrate their victory in the 2013 World Series with a sign that reads "THIS IS OUR BLEEP CITY!" (Photo: Jared Wickerham/Getty)
Red Sox fans celebrate their victory in the 2013 World Series with a sign that reads “THIS IS OUR BLEEP CITY!” (Photo: Jared Wickerham/Getty)

For aspiring New York politicians, it’s harder to publicly slam the Red Sox these days.

At a candidates forum last night, the contenders for City Council speaker were forced to publicly declare their opinion of the Boston baseball team, which is despised by local sports fans but beloved by Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, who is expected to play an outsized role in the race. Continue reading “Speaker Candidates Navigate New Red Sox Politics”

Jose Canseco Is Ready to Work With Mayor Bloomberg to Fight Sugar

Jose Canseco Portrait Session And Book Signing At Book Soup
Jose Canseco (Photo: Getty)

After traveling to Albany last month to support State Senator Jeff Klein’s push to ban the nutritional supplement DMAA, baseball great, reality television star, MMA fighter, admitted steroid user, author and social media enthusiast Jose Canseco’s latest cause seems to be the number of deaths linked to sugary drinks. After Mr. Canseco took to Twitter this evening to urge the president to “declare war on sugar,” Politicker asked whether he’d be interested in teaming up with a man who is perhaps the nation’s most high-profile anti-sugar crusader–Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Continue reading “Jose Canseco Is Ready to Work With Mayor Bloomberg to Fight Sugar”

Inside the Inaugural Ball: Obama’s Second Term Gets Off to Cheez-y Start

Inaugural Cheez Its.
Inaugural Cheez Its.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — For most Americans, the phrase Inaugural Ball conjures up images of the commander in chief and first lady clad in full evening dress taking a waltz on the dance floor. If you’d like to maintain that illusion of grandeur when 2016 rolls around, Politicker humbly suggests you stay home and watch the festivities on television, because the reality is far less glamorous. Last night’s main Inaugural Ball was like a low rent prom complete with a gym-like venue, chips standing in for hors d’oeuvres and 80’s music. Amid all these cut-rate accoutrements and incongruously overdressed guests, we also spotted a basketball legend, a dancing congresswoman and, of course, the president. Continue reading “Inside the Inaugural Ball: Obama’s Second Term Gets Off to Cheez-y Start”