Rumors Bill Clinton Would Cause DNC Drama Were Greatly Exaggerated

bill clinton getty Rumors Bill Clinton Would Cause DNC Drama Were Greatly Exaggerated
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CHARLOTTE, NC — Rumored drama and tension between former President Bill Clinton and the Obama administration has long been an object of fascination among the country’s political chattering classes, so much so that Mr. Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight was widely hyped as a potential obstacle for the Obama campaign. However, despite reports the Obama campaign didn’t see the text of Mr. Clinton’s remarks and feared he might wander off message, the DNC distributed advance copies of Mr. Clinton’s speech and, though he made many ad libs, Mr. Clinton effusively praised the President and aggressively attacked Mitt Romney’s positions on healthcare, debt reduction and job creation.

Early on in his speech, Mr. Clinton directly addressed the source of reports of his strained relationship with Mr. Obama–fallout from the 2008 Democratic primary between Mr. Obama and his wife, Hillary Clinton. Mr. Clinton dismissed the idea there was any lingering ill will from that race by pointing out President Obama appointed Ms. Clinton and several of her supporters to positions in his administration.

“President Obama appointed several members of his cabinet, even though they supported Hillary in the primary,” he said to thunderous applause from the audience. “Heck, he even appointed Hillary!” Continue reading “Rumors Bill Clinton Would Cause DNC Drama Were Greatly Exaggerated”

Chuck Schumer to Mitt Romney: ‘Fuhgeddaboutit’

chuck schumer fb Chuck Schumer to Mitt Romney: Fuhgeddaboutit
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CHARLOTTE, NC — In his speech tonight at the Democratic National Convention, New York Senator Chuck Schumer discussed why he believes “Mitt Romney’s plans would make things worse” for the economy.

He began by reminiscing about his family–and their attachment to roach spray.

“I stand here tonight as a proud son of the great state of New York! I’m also a proud product of the middle class,” Mr. Schumer said in a prepared copy of his remarks distributed by the convention staff. “My father, Abe, was a small businessman. For 32 years, he ran an exterminating company. That may explain why our family always associated the smell of roach spray with love.” Continue reading “Chuck Schumer to Mitt Romney: ‘Fuhgeddaboutit’”

Michael Grimm Reviews Michelle Obama’s Speech

michelle obama getty Michael Grimm Reviews Michelle Obamas Speech
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Last night, First Lady Michelle Obama gave a speech that received some raving reviews, and Staten Island Republican Rep. Michael Grimm wants everyone to know that he also approved of the speech. Thus, late last night, he released a relatively long statement giving the speech itself high marks but also pivoting to a more critical point in each paragraph.

“No one can deny that the First Lady delivered an excellent heartfelt speech and delivered for the Democratic party. I myself was extremely pleased to hear that Mrs. Obama’s experience as the First Lady has enhanced her pride in and understanding of the greatest most exceptional nation in the world,” he began, for example, before switching to a backhanded compliment. “She has come a long way from her statement after the 2008 election that for the first time in her life she was proud to be American.”

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Hey Pols: Tony Avella Doesn’t Want to Hear Your Speech

tony avella fb Hey Pols: Tony Avella Doesnt Want to Hear Your Speech
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Queens State Senator Tony Avella, often known to speak his mind, wrote a letter to the editor of his local Patch publication highly critical of the “new fad we are witnessing is the multitude of ‘State of the State’ and ‘State of the City’ addresses.”

“I am writing to voice my disdain with what I see as a new fad being used as a self-promotional tool amongst politicians who, quite often, are seeking higher office throughout this city and state,” Mr. Avella began, explaining while he has “no problem with the governor, mayors and heads of municipalities” giving addresses, he is concerned with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Comptroller John Liu, and the various Borough Presidents all needing to give speeches of their own.

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