Chris Hayes Declares War on Governor Cuomo

hayes cuomo msnbc Chris Hayes Declares War on Governor Cuomo
In case you missed it from early Saturday morning, MSNBC host Chris Hayes is really not a fan of “New York’s supposedly Democratic governor,” Andrew Cuomo, and in a monologue lasting several minutes, he urged his viewers to reject Mr. Cuomo’s hypothetical presidential campaign in four years.

“So what do we know that we didn’t know last week? We now know that Democrats cannot count on New York’s supposedly Democratic governor as an ally and every Democratic primary voter in the country should know that too,” he opened up his segment, clearly on a roll. “We already knew that in the run up to the election, Andrew Cuomo, whose aspirations for national office are well-known, did essentially nothing to aid the Democratic Party in its quest to take back the the State Senate from Republicans.”

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Lew Fidler Unloads Further on Simcha Felder

simcha felder fb Lew Fidler Unloads Further on Simcha Felder
(Photo: Facebook)

Tells us how you really feel, Councilman Lew Fidler.

Mr. Fidler, who yesterday criticized Senator-elect Simcha Felder for vowing to cross party lines and caucus with the Republicans, took another pass this afternoon in a lengthy statement where he demanded Mr. Felder himself answer questions about the decision.

“Simcha is correct that the parties are not a religion, nor should they be,” Mr. Fidler wrote. “But being open and honest with the voters should be.”

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Jewish Pols Demand Bloomberg Apologize For ‘10,000 Guys in Black Hats’ Remark

organize metlife Jewish Pols Demand Bloomberg Apologize For ‘10,000 Guys in Black Hats Remark
(Photo: Getty)

In latest issue of The Atlantic, Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave a freewheeling interview on a multitude of issues ranging from the presidential race to his public health efforts, including a new consent form requirement for a controversial circumcision practice, metzizah b’peh, often used in the city’s Orthodox Jewish community. “I think it’s fair to say that nobody else would take that on. I mean, come on!” Mr. Bloomberg exclaimed of the political fortitude needed to even touch the issue. “Who wants to have 10,000 guys in black hats outside your office, screaming?”

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David Storobin Shakes Up Staff, Campaign

david storobin fb2 David Storobin Shakes Up Staff, Campaign
David Storobin (Photo: Facebook)

Over the past days, Republican State Senator David Storobin replaced the top levels of his government office and campaign operations, including his chief of staff, spokesman and campaign manager, according to sources familiar with the decision.

“I honestly don’t want to comment, right now,” Mr. Storobin told Politicker last night when we asked about his motivations for the changes, “I think it’s better kept personal. It was the right move to make at this point.”

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State Senate Candidate Grabs 27,000 Fake Twitter Followers [Update]

tischler following State Senate Candidate Grabs 27,000 Fake Twitter Followers [Update]Avraham Tischler, a 21-year old underdog candidate for the State Senate in southern Brooklyn, has suddenly surged to over 27,400 followers as his September 13 primary date fast approaches. A cursory survey of dozens of the followers showed all of them to have no activity and no followers, a hallmark trait of fake, automated accounts. Furthermore, the Twitter tool StatusPeople estimated 100 percent of his followers as “fake.”

The number stands in sharp contrast to his generally inactive account. Mr. Tischler, who started his campaign account earlier this summer, has only made 23 tweets, and the only interaction others have had with his profile in recent days was political blogger Yossi Gestetner noting the giant leap in followers. The exact point when he accumulated these followers was unclear, but a Google cache from last month shows him with six followers.

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David Storobin Takes Israel

david storobin David Storobin Takes Israel
(Photo: Storobin office)

State Senator David Storobin is in Israel, and he’s doing more than tasting the falafel.

“Senator David Storobin (R-Brooklyn, on the left) today visited with General Shmulik Olansky (center), a 3-star general in charge of the Golan Heights Armor Division, directly on the Syrian border in a hostile region,” read a morning press release accompanying the photo on the left, featuring Mr. Storobin holding a military rifle. “The Senator is on an official state visit approved by the Defense Minister of Israel. To the right is the Senator’s Chief of Staff, Paul Gullo.”

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Simcha Felder Digs Paul Ryan Pick

simcha felder fb Simcha Felder Digs Paul Ryan Pick
Simcha Felder (Photo: Facebook)

Although Democrats carpet bombed reporters’ inboxes yesterday with press releases slamming Mitt Romney’s vice presidential selection, it turns out that there isn’t complete unanimity among the party’s candidates when it comes to Paul Ryan. To wit, former Councilman Simcha Felder, a Democrat running for the State Senate in a heavily Orthodox Jewish district in southern Brooklyn, sent out a press release this afternoon embracing Mr. Ryan.

“Paul Ryan is a terrific pick for Vice President,” Mr. Felder said in the statement. “As Chairman of the Budget Committee he brings tremendous knowledge of fiscal policy and will be an asset to a Romney administration.”

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