New Yorkers Weigh in on Hillary and Cuomo’s Potential 2016 Bids

Hillary Clinton And Andrew Cuomo Campaign Ahead Of Midterm Election
Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo marching in the 2006 Columbus Day Parade. (Photo: Getty)

With both Hillary Clinton and Governor Andrew Cuomo considered potential 2016 presidential candidates, the latest poll from the Siena Research Institute contains several numbers that will be of interest to early watchers of their potential bids. Siena polled favorability ratings for both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Cuomo and asked New Yorkers whether they’d like to see either run for president four years from now.  Continue reading “New Yorkers Weigh in on Hillary and Cuomo’s Potential 2016 Bids”

Paul Ryan Useless in New York: Poll

paul ryan getty Paul Ryan Useless in New York: Poll
(Photo: Getty)

It’s unlikely that Mitt Romney ever thought about winning New York State in this year’s presidential election — he’s not even trying to win his home state of Massachusetts. But if there were some fantasy scenario where Congressman Paul Ryan’s presence on the national ticket would put the Empire State into play, that  dream can consider itself officially crushed.

“Romney did not help his case with New York likely voters by selecting Ryan,” Siena pollster Steven Greenberg said in a statement attached to his latest numbers this morning. “Only 16 percent of voters said the Ryan selection made them more likely to support Romney, while 21 percent said it made them less likely and a majority of 62 percent said it had no effect. That may explain why Obama slightly widened his lead over Romney in the last month and now leads 62-33 percent, very comparable to the 63-36 percent margin by which Obama beat John McCain in New York in 2008.”

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Poll: Romney Up 15 Over Santorum in New York

mitt romney super tuesday getty Poll: Romney Up 15 Over Santorum in New York
Mitt Romney celebrating his victories last night. (Photo: Getty)

A Siena College Research Institute poll of registered voters released today showed Rick Santorum will have his work cut out for him when he and Mitt Romney go head to head in New York State’s Republican presidential primary on April 24th.

“Given their favorability ratings among Republicans, it’s not surprising that Romney has opened a wide lead in New York’s Republican presidential primary,” Siena pollster Steve Greenberg said in a statement. “He is supported by 38 percent of Republicans, with Santorum being supported by 23 percent, Gingrich 13 percent and Paul 11 percent.”

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New Poll Shows Support For Teacher Evaluations, Cuomo’s Approval Takes A Slight Dip

cuomo3 New Poll Shows Support For Teacher Evaluations, Cuomos Approval Takes A Slight Dip
Governor Andrew Cuomo

A new Siena College poll showed New York voters approve of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s teacher evaluation plan, though support is slipping for his proposed constitutional amendment allowing non-Indian casinos in the state. The governor’s overall approval rating remains high, although his numbers took a bit of a hit since last month.  Continue reading “New Poll Shows Support For Teacher Evaluations, Cuomo’s Approval Takes A Slight Dip”

Cuomo: My Sky-High Poll Numbers Have Nowhere to Go But Down

andrew cuomo getty Cuomo: My Sky High Poll Numbers Have Nowhere to Go But Down
Governor Cuomo (Photo: Getty)

In an interview this morning, Fred Dicker asked Governor Andrew Cuomo about his latest poll numbers showing his favorability ratings continuing to be some of the highest among major elected officials anywhere in the country.

“It’s very flattering, obviously,” Mr. Cuomo began. “I say all the time that you take these numbers with a grain of salt because they do go up and down, as we all know. But also these numbers are so high that they can’t possibly stay where they are.”

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The President, The Governor and the Poll Numbers

cuomo obama  The President, The Governor and the Poll NumbersKen Lovett noted Andrew Cuomo hasn’t made time to see President Obama during the president’s three trips to New York this month.

Cuomo’s people say he is busy running the state and is not actively trying to avoid the president.

Today’s Siena poll of Western New York’s 26th Congressional District shows that whatever the reason might be, it’s also good politics for Cuomo.

Here are the favorable / unfavorable numbers for the two Democratic executives in the relatively-conservative 26th district.

39-57 Obama
72-20 Cuomo