Candidate Attempts to Drag ‘Feminine Presence’ Seminar Into His Own Race

the tudors1 Candidate Attempts to Drag Feminine Presence Seminar Into His Own Race
A scene from The Tudors, an unrelated television show set in 16th century England.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis doesn’t have much to do with State Senator Marty Golden’s decision to host a nationally mocked “Feminine Presence” seminar, but that didn’t stop her Democratic rival from seeking to tie her to the infamous, now-canceled event.

“My opponent, who has been awfully silent throughout this matter, has the opportunity now to defend the women of her district by distancing herself from Senator Golden,” John Mancuso declared in a statement sent this evening. “This is just a mailer, but it’s quite obvious how her Republican colleagues view the role of women in New York today.”

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