Nan Hayworth Announces Rematch Campaign for Congress

Nan Hayworth (Photo: Facebook)
Nan Hayworth (Photo: Facebook)

Former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth is going to try to win back her seat.

The one-time Republican lawmaker emailed supporters this afternoon announcing that she will officially kick off her campaign Sunday to unseat one-term Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney. The move sets the stage for what is likely to be one of the most watched House races in New York this year. Continue reading “Nan Hayworth Announces Rematch Campaign for Congress”

Greg Ball Says He Won’t Run for Congress

Senator Ball. (Photo: Observer media file)
Senator Ball. (Photo: Observer media file)

GOP State Senator Greg Ball, an outspoken Hudson Valley legislator who repeatedly knocked then-Rep. Nan Hayworth last year–even threatening to run a primary campaign against her–is taking his hat out of the ring. In a statement released late this morning, Mr. Ball said he was focused on his work in Albany and had no overriding desire to defeat the Democrat who ultimately beat Ms. Hayworth, Sean Patrick Maloney.

“I want to make it clear that I am focused on finishing this legislative session and delivering for my current district and not running for Congress,” he said. “As for my re-election in the current State Senate seat, I will make a final decision on that as the time nears.”

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Rep. Hayworth Reflects on Her Loss: ‘It’s a Tough Life’

nan hayworth youtube Rep. Hayworth Reflects on Her Loss: Its a Tough Life
(Photo: YouTube)

A number of key New York congressional seats were at stake election day last week. When all the votes were counted, though there were over a half-dozen competitive races only three districts changed partisan hands. One of those belonged to Hudson Valley Rep. Nan Hayworth, a freshman Republican who came in on the Tea Party wave two years ago and narrowly lost her seat this time around to Democratic attorney Sean Patrick Maloney. On Friday, Ms. Hayworth went on Richard French Live to look back on her unsuccessful election, as well as the broader national race.

“Look, Hurricane Sandy did have an effect on the public discourse,” she contended. “There are issues of momentum that affected races like mine. The President had a substantial percentage margin over Governor Romney and we had known if there were a really large margin for the president, above say 5 points, that that would be very hard for us to overcome structurally in the new district that I was running in.”

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Election Night’s Other Big Winners: Gays and Ganja

rainbow overlay Election Nights Other Big Winners: Gays and Ganja President Barack Obama was clearly the biggest winner last night with his victory over Mitt Romney, but there were two other notable victories in this election. Same-sex marriage and openly gay candidates won in multiple states as did initiatives to allow for medical and recreational marijuana.

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Sean Patrick Maloney Goes All-Out With Tea Party Imagery

spm tea Sean Patrick Maloney Goes All Out With Tea Party Imagery
(Photo: YouTube)

Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney really wants you to associate incumbent Rep. Nan Hayworth with the Tea Party movement, at least if his television advertisements are any indication.

“Congresswoman Nan Hayworth’s gone Tea Party on us, and it’s not pretty: voting to end Medicare to pay for tax breaks for millionaires….like her,” the narrator in Mr. Maloney’s first commercial declared as constituents are shown sipping tea and gagging at the bitter taste. Continue reading “Sean Patrick Maloney Goes All-Out With Tea Party Imagery”

Chamber of Commerce Ramps up Efforts in New York Congressional Races

tim bishop ad Chamber of Commerce Ramps up Efforts in New York Congressional Races
Tim Bishop’s record of failure apparently needs to end. (Photo: YouTube)

This morning, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce officially set its sights on six congressional races across New York State and launched ads in each of them. Stretching from Long Island to Buffalo, the broadcast barrage attacks Democratic congressional incumbents Tim Bishop, Kathy Hochul, Bill Owens and Louise Slaughter, and attempts to beat back Democratic candidates Sean Patrick Maloney and Dan Maffei.

The size of the ad buy wasn’t immediately available, but the Chamber launched a significant $3.3 million campaign for California Republicans last week, so their New York  has the potential to be sizable.

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Sean Patrick Maloney Makes Fun of Hayworth for Losing Indy Line Appeal

nan hayworth fb Sean Patrick Maloney Makes Fun of Hayworth for Losing Indy Line Appeal
Nan Hayworth (Photo: Facebook)

Hudson Valley Congressman Nan Hayworth’s bid to hold onto the Independence Party line was thwarted in appeals court yesterday and the Republican will have one less spot on the ballot as she competes against Democratic attorney Sean Patrick Maloney this November. Not content to leave the news stand on its own, Mr. Maloney blasted out a statement this afternoon entitled, “Hayworth Can’t Find 770 Independent Voters Who Want Her Back.”

Of course, “Independent” voters aren’t the same thing as the more common “independent” variety, but Mr. Maloney felt her inability to secure enough signatures to spoke to her conservative ideology and votes.

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