Same-Sex Marriage Republican Has a Lot of Campaign Money

Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $10,300 to Mark Grisanti, a freshman Republican State Senator whose re-election was thrown into even greater uncertainty after he voted to legalize same-sex marriage. Tim Gill, head of the national LGBT advocacy group, the Gill Foundation, donated $10,000 to Grisanti’s campaign.

Overall, Grisanti, who represents a heavily Democratic district in Buffalo, raised $148,325 ($91,461 from individuals and the rest from corporations and unions). During this latest filing period, he spent just over $28,495.

Overall, Grisanti has $103,954.06 in the bank, a remarkable turnaround since he started this filing period with $2,106.11 in debt. Continue reading “Same-Sex Marriage Republican Has a Lot of Campaign Money”

Cuomo Wants NY Marriage Victory to 'Resonate All Across the Country Now'


cuomo quinn parade e1309136253442 Cuomo Wants NY Marriage Victory to 'Resonate All Across the Country Now'
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn basks in the celebration at the start of today's Pride Parade in Manhattan, along with State Senator Tom Duane, who sponsored the bill, and Governor Cuomo, who helped get it passed the Republican-led State Senate and signed it into law on Friday. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

After receiving a hero’s welcome at the country’s oldest and largest gay pride parade in Manhattan today, Governor Cuomo said he hoped New York’s legalization of same-sex marriage would “resonate all across the country now.”

Cuomo politely deflected questions about President Obama’s reluctance, so far, to support same-sex marriage, saying, “If New York can do it, it’s okay for every other place to do it. If New York did it, every other place is now going to be posed with the question” about legalizing same-sex marriage. Continue reading “Cuomo Wants NY Marriage Victory to 'Resonate All Across the Country Now'”