Assembly Candidate Encourages Chick-Fil-A To Come To Brooklyn

 Assembly Candidate Encourages Chick Fil A To Come To Brooklyn
Russell Gallo (Photo: Twitter)

New York’s only branch of the controversial fried chicken sandwich chain Chick-Fil-A is located in an NYU cafeteria, but if a self-proclaimed Tea Partier running for State Assembly has his way  the restaurant will soon set up shop in South Brooklyn. As a response to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s letter asking NYU to close the campus Chick-Fil-A after the owner of the chain declared his opposition to same-sex marriage, Mr. Gallo sent a letter of his own. Mr. Gallo wrote to Dan Cathy, the president of Chick-Fil-A, saying, “I would like to invite your company to consider opening a Chick-Fil-A restaurant in southern Brooklyn.”

“I want you to know that Ms. Quinn does not speak for all New Yorkers. I and many of my neighbors agree with your views on traditional family units. But more importantly, I’m sure we all could agree that no one in government should tell anyone what to believe, who to support and how to spend our money,” Mr. Gallo wrote. Continue reading “Assembly Candidate Encourages Chick-Fil-A To Come To Brooklyn”

Cymbrowitz Appears Likely to Lose Independence Line

cymbrowitz Cymbrowitz Appears Likely to Lose Independence Line
(Photo: Cymbrowitz’s office)

Democratic Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz, facing one of the more competitive primary and general election battles in the city (especially if one just looks at assembly seats), may lose a tool many candidates covet: the Independence Party line. A paperwork snafu with his “Certificate of Acceptance” — needed to formally accept another party’s designation — will void the signatures he gathered to appear on the ballot under the Independence banner, multiple political observers told us.

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Campaigning for The Assembly, Gallo Vows to Ideologically Outflank Rivals

russ gallo Campaigning for The Assembly, Gallo Vows to Ideologically Outflank Rivals
Russ Gallo speaking.

“I am as Tea Party as they come,” Russell Gallo, a district leader and head of a young Republican club in Brooklyn, announced yesterday afternoon. “Fiscal conservative. On social issues I don’t think anyone can be more conservative than I. Marriage can only be between one man and one woman in my opinion, and I will vote that way every chance I get if elected.”

Explaining his candidacy for the State Assembly to a Brooklyn Tea Party crowd in East Flatbush, Mr. Gallo stressed again that neither incumbent Democrat Steve Cymbrowitz, nor his primary opponent Ben Akselrod, would  come close to him in terms of conservatism.  Continue reading “Campaigning for The Assembly, Gallo Vows to Ideologically Outflank Rivals”

Head of Brooklyn Young Republicans Eyes Assembly Campaign

gallo Head of Brooklyn Young Republicans Eyes Assembly Campaign

Russell Gallo, the President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans, is planning to run against Democratic Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz, setting the stage for what will likely be one of the few competitive assembly battles in New York City this November.

Reached for comment, Mr. Gallo said that he’s “not making any public statements until we get closer to the end of petitioning,” however, according to multiple sources familiar with his efforts, he fully intends to run.

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