After Rudy, Before Bloomberg: Looking Back on a Mayoral Legacy

Finding an unpublished George Gurley piece is like opening a perfectly written time capsule. In May 2001, New York City was preparing to say farewell to a term-limited Rudy Giuliani and welcome anyone from Mark Green to Freddy Ferrer to Michael Bloomberg as its first new leader in eight years. An intrepid young Observer reporter named George Gurley hit the party scene to ask prominent New Yorkers what they thought would happen to the city. He wrote it up and then … it disappeared.

The Observer never published Mr. Gurley’s observations, captured first at the annual benefit for the African Rainforest Conservancy, held at The Park on 17th and Tenth Avenue and the second was for the 10th anniversary of the Paramount Hotel. 

Twelve years later, as we approach another change of guard at City Hall, Mr. Gurley got to thinking about that piece. When he realized it hadn’t seen the light of day, Mr. Gurley, still an intrepid young Observer reporter, brought it to our attention.
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Views From the Top: Local Pols Make Sense of Bin Laden’s Death

Minutes after President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden, the blocks surrounding the World Trade Center site were flooded with people. “It’s awesome,” said 22-year-old Laura Cunningham, holding a Budweiser can while perched on the shoulders of her 6-foot-tall friend, Greg. “It’s weird to celebrate someone’s death,” she added. “It’s not exactly what we’re here to celebrate, but it’s wonderful that people are happy.” Continue reading “Views From the Top: Local Pols Make Sense of Bin Laden’s Death”

Both Senators, Nadler, King to Join Obama Tomorrow

obama ground zero 20081 Both Senators, Nadler, King to Join Obama TomorrowPresident Obama will be at the World Trade Center site tomorrow and–while former President George W. Bush won’t be joining him–a number of New York’s congressional representatives will be making the trip back from Washington.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand will both be in attendance. Congressman Nadler, who represents ground zero, will also be there. As will Republican Congressman Peter King, who chairs the Homeland Security Committee. King has frequently criticized the president in the past, but has expressed nothing but praise for his handling of the strike that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden on Sunday.

Mayor Bloomberg is also expected to attend, and there’s a possibility–unconfirmed, of course–that Andrew Cuomo will make the trip from Albany.

There might be some formerly-elected officials too. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Politico he’s considering the invitation, and a spokesman for former Governor George Pataki told the Daily News he’d like to attend, if he can get back in time from a trip to Texas.


Rudy Returns! Giuliani Headed Back to New Hampshire

giuliani at true grit  Rudy Returns! Giuliani Headed Back to New Hampshire

Rudy Giuliani will return to Manchester, New Hampshire next month for a house party at the home of local macher Ovide Lamontagne.

The news was reported this morning by the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Last month, Giuliani spoke to the local G.O.P.’s Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, but aides were careful to characterize that visit as repaying some old debts to friends and supporters.

But the next visit would seem to give a greater indication that Giuliani is still seriously considering the race. The parties hosted by Lamontagne, who lost a Senate bid last year, are expressly designed to host potential presidential candidates. Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum have already attended events there; Herman Cain is doing one next week; and Newt Gingrich is booked for later in May.

In his remarks last month, Giuliani promised he had learned a lesson from his disastrous 2008 run, and assured the crowd that–if he were to run again–he would engage in the kind of down-home retail campaigning New Hampshirites have come to expect. Last time around, he effectively pulled out of the state and finished a distant fourth.