Misleading Direct Mail Piece of The Day

mittman mailer Misleading Direct Mail Piece of The DayRobert Mittman, an allergist and long-shot candidate for Tuesday’s Democratic primary in New York’s 6th Congressional District in Queens, doesn’t seem to mind using very misleading advertising that implies the retiring incumbent, Congressman Gary Ackerman, has endorsed him when he has actually backed a rival candidate.

“Bob’s dedication to his profession and to his community is emblematic of the commitment and energy he has exhibited during the many years I have had the pleasure to know him,” the ad declares next to a large image of Mr. Ackerman. “Bob answered the summons of a call for help and responded with the professionalism that should be the standard. For this, I pay tribute to him.”

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Robert Mittman’s Campaign Pitch: ‘I Am A Medical Doctor’ [Video]

mittman website Robert Mittmans Campaign Pitch: I Am A Medical Doctor [Video]
(Photo: DrMittman4Congress.com)

Dr. Robert Mittman, the controversial underdog Queens congressional candidate, released a campaign video on YouTube yesterday. So far, only 13 people have watched the clip, which includes footage of Dr. Mittman reading the statement he made when he first announced his campaign interspersed with photos of him and his family, the good doctor at work treating patients and pictures of New York and Washington landmarks all set to the tune of Billy Joel’s 1989 hit “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

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Roundup: Michelle Will Catch Me

Bob Kappstatter mused on all things related to Bronx politics.

Michael Grimm is leading the charge to investigate Corzine’s MF GLobal.

Mayor Bloomberg gives contributions to charities in lieu of gifts at weddings.

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Rangel Rivals Survive Ballot Challenges; Mixed Bag for NY-6 Also-Rans

charlie rangel hw Rangel Rivals Survive Ballot Challenges; Mixed Bag for NY 6 Also Rans
It's an open field against Charlie Rangel. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

In addition to the notable Michael Grimm news at the Board of Elections today, several other challengers saw their fates decided.

Although three of veteran Congressman Charlie Rangel’s challengers, Clyde Williams, Craig Schley, and Joyce Johnson, initially saw objections filed against their signatures, only one, Mr. Schley, had the required specifications filed against his signatures alleging exactly where the validity problems existed.

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