Morning Read: Jurors Asked Their Opinion of Bloomberg; Mayor Gives His to U.N.;Deputies Living Large and Living Elsewhere

In violation of an executive order, deputy mayor Robert Steel seems to live in Connecticut–The Daily News busted him there wearing “golf shoes, shorts and a preppie sweater.”

…And OEM Director Skip Funk apparently lives in Florida.

Mario Cuomo is the lead investor in a group hoping to acquire a bank which would then create a new line of lending aimed at struggling municipalities, setting up a possible conflict of his interest with his son.

The NYPD placed an undercover cop at a Ground Zero Mosque protest last year.

Jonathan Lippmann is calling for a less punitive approach to juvenile offenders, sending some to family court first.

Dennis Walcott announced that the city would open 50 new middle schools in the next two years.

At the United Nations yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg spoke about the city’s public health efforts, and “he took full advantage of the opportunity to brag, to indulge in his inner scold and to give a plug to Bloomberg Philanthropies and his alma mater, Johns Hopkins, for their work on public health,” Anemona Hartocollis writes.

Common Cause is breaking with other groups calling for an independent redistricting commission in favor of strict criteria over how lines are drawn.

Justice Department lawyers are asking a federal judge to move up the date of New York state’s primary election because local election officials have failed to mail ballots in time to military personnel and other Americans overseas.

Prospective jurors in the John Haggerty trial are  being asked their opinion of Mayor Bloomberg.

About 50 of Manhattan’s most popular restaurants are being forced to explain how they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Walmart foes predict an influx of superstores if the retail giant is able to get a toehold in NYC.

Texting while driving tickets are going up.

A look at what it would actually take for Barack Obama to lose New York.