Wisconsin Dems Ask for Investigation Into Paul Ryan’s Campaign Finances

ryan campaign finance Wisconsin Dems Ask for Investigation Into Paul Ryans Campaign Finances
Paul Ryan on the campaign trail in Ohio last weekend. (Photo: Getty)

Based on a Politicker investigation, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate is asking the Federal Election Commission to open an investigation into Paul Ryan’s congressional campaign committee. Last Thursday, we published a report detailing how Paul Ryan, who is simultaneously running for re-election in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District and on the GOP presidential ticket with Mitt Romney, may have improperly used funds from his congressional campaign for about $60,000 in expenses at the Republican National Convention. Mr. Tate’s letter to the FEC said this story shows Mr. Ryan’s congressional campaign committee “co-mingled expenditures between the Committee and the Romney Committee” in violation of federal regulations. Politicker has obtained a copy of Mr. Tate’s letter, which he is sending this week.

“As disclosed in an article published on October 25, 2012 in Politicker.com, a political website operated by The New York Observer, the Committee reported ‘$59,603.41 that was specifically identified as [Republican National] convention-related expenses between July 26 and October 17.’ A copy of the article is attached to this letter,” Mr. Tate wrote. “A spokesperson for the Committee is quoted as stating that the bulk of such expenses were for the purchase of twenty hotel rooms for use at the Republican National Convention, although the Committee had only five staff members.”

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Paul Ryan’s ‘Problematic’ RNC Spending Spree

154241489 Paul Ryans Problematic RNC Spending Spree
Paul Ryan campaigning in Virginia earlier this month. (Photo: Getty)

A Politicker examination of federal campaign finance disclosure reports submitted by Paul Ryan’s congressional campaign has uncovered indications Mr. Ryan may have improperly used funds raised for his re-election effort in Wisconsin for presidential campaign activities at the Republican National Convention in August. Mr. Ryan is simultaneously running for re-election in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District and on the GOP presidential ticket with Mitt Romney. At the RNC in Tampa, Mr. Ryan’s House campaign spent about $60,000. However, these convention expenses seem to go far beyond the scope of the activities and staff he had at the RNC for his bid to reclaim his House seat.

One prominent election law expert told us this is a “highly problematic” potential violation of Federal Election Commission regulations regarding candidates running for multiple federal offices. A spokesperson for Mr. Ryan’s opponent in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District described it as a possibly “troubling” element of “Paul Ryan’s overarching pattern of dishonesty in this race.” When we reached out to Mr. Ryan’s congressional campaign manager, we received a shifting series of explanations including at least one statement that was clearly untrue. Continue reading “Paul Ryan’s ‘Problematic’ RNC Spending Spree”

Paul Ryan’s New (Congressional) Campaign Ad

paul ryan congress Paul Ryans New (Congressional) Campaign Ad
Paul Ryan in his new ad (Photo: YouTube)

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan hasn’t stopped running for his seat in the House of Representatives. This morning, Mr. Ryan released a television ad for his race to represent Wisconsin’s First Congressional district. The ad, which will initially air for at least two weeks, features Mr. Ryan speaking with a small group of voters in what appears to be a coffee shop.

“As Americans, we deserve a choice. You, not Washington, should decide the path we take and the decisions we make. Americans can’t wait, so we won’t wait. If we act now, we can get this right,” Mr. Ryan says in the ad. “We don’t want a government-controlled society. We want a limited government that is both efficient and effective. This is our chance to restore real faith and real opportunity in America.” Continue reading “Paul Ryan’s New (Congressional) Campaign Ad”