Greg Ball Doesn’t Care for Party Politics

Greg Ball speaking with Fred Dicker. (Photo: Twitter/@Ball4NY)
Greg Ball speaking with Fred Dicker. (Photo: Twitter/@Ball4NY)

GOP State Senator Greg Ball just doesn’t care for partisan politics.

“I don’t give a shit about party politics,” he explained in a radio interview this morning on Talk 1300 AM.

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Cuomo Dodges Astorino Questions by Hyping Potential GOP Challengers

(Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GettyImages)
Andrew Cuomo. (Photo: Mandel Ngan/Getty)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today did his best to undermine his new Republican challenger, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, suggesting Mr. Astorino might not even win his own primary.

Even as Mr. Astorino appears likely to become the Republican nominee–the only other prominent candidate, Donald Trump, said he would only run unopposed–Mr. Cuomo nevertheless cast doubt on Mr. Astorino.

“I’ve seen the movie before. I’ve run for governor before, obviously. That’s how you become governor, to state the obvious,” he said this morning, speaking on The Capitol Pressroom radio show. Continue reading “Cuomo Dodges Astorino Questions by Hyping Potential GOP Challengers”

Rob Astorino Formally Kicks Off Campaign Amid Protests

Rob Astorino launches his campaign next to a "Thank You Governor Cuomo" sign.
Rob Astorino launches his campaign next to a “Thank You Governor Cuomo” sign.

“So what brings you guys out today?”

Rob Astorino kicked off his uphill gubernatorial campaign against incumbent Andrew Cuomo today with a joking question to those assembled for his formal launch on the steps of the Bronx County Courthouse. 

“I am Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive, and today we kick off our campaign for governor in the state of New York,” said Mr. Astorino, a Republican running in a heavily Democratic state. Continue reading “Rob Astorino Formally Kicks Off Campaign Amid Protests”

Pro-Choice Groups Rush to Attack Astorino Candidacy

Rob Astorino. (Photo: Facebook)
Rob Astorino. (Photo: Facebook)

Not a second had elapsed after Rob Astorino announced his campaign for governor today before he was under criticism from pro-choice organizations and women’s groups.

In fact, one group went on the attack moments before Mr. Astorino, a pro-life Republican, made his intentions official this morning. Continue reading “Pro-Choice Groups Rush to Attack Astorino Candidacy”

Rob Astorino Announces Bid Against Andrew Cuomo

Rob Astorino.
Rob Astorino.

Rob Astorino, the Westchester county executive who has been exploring a possible run for governor, formally announced his bid today in a video posted on his campaign website.

“I’m announcing my candidacy today for governor of New York state because I’m tired of listening to the fairy tale that ‘everything is just great’ when it’s just the opposite. I’m tired of watching New York’s decline. Living in New York shouldn’t feel like a prison sentence, but that’s exactly what you hear today,” he said. Continue reading “Rob Astorino Announces Bid Against Andrew Cuomo”

Rockin’ the Suburbs: Rob Astorino Hopes Westchester Wins Translate Statewide

Astorino vs Cuomo

One October day on the campaign trail last year, Rob Astorino was heading to a street festival in Mount Vernon, a heavily African-American city just across the border from the Bronx. Not a place where a Republican politician is a natural sell.

After hearing word that several local residents had jokingly threatened to fight him in a nearby boxing ring, the Westchester County executive just went with it.

“Who wants to fight me? Who wants to fight me?” he asked the crowd when he arrived, according to his re-election campaign manager, Phil Oliva. Continue reading “Rockin’ the Suburbs: Rob Astorino Hopes Westchester Wins Translate Statewide”