Vanquished Rivals to Rally Around Sean Patrick Maloney Today

maloney wins1 Vanquished Rivals to Rally Around Sean Patrick Maloney Today
Sean Patrick Maloney (Photo: Facebook)

Despite the criticism his field of rivals occasionally leveled at him before last Tuesday’s Democratic primary, attorney Sean Patrick Maloney’s defeated opponents are all rallying together to support his candidacy later this afternoon. Joining Mr. Maloney are Dr. Richard Becker, Mayors Matt Alexander and Tom Wilson, and Duane Jackson, as well as former congressmen Maurice Hinchey and John Hall.

“Tuesday was a big night, but we’ve got a tough road ahead of us and we need to come together if we are going to defeat Nan Hayworth,” Mr. Maloney explained in an email to supporters last week.

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Sean Patrick Maloney Rolling Up Labor Support

sean patrick maloney Sean Patrick Maloney Rolling Up Labor Support
Sean Patrick Maloney (Photo: Patrick McMullan)

Sean Patrick Maloney, a leading Democratic contender to take on freshman GOP Rep. Nan Hayworth has been pulling in significant union endorsements in recent weeks. The latest announcements came today from the New York State United Teachers and the AFL-CIO, giving Mr. Maloney a nice boost as he seeks to defeat his Democratic opponents on June 26th.

Together, the two unions claim to represent over 3 million individuals in the state and join previous powerhouse unions like 32BJ SEIU and 1199 SEIU in supporting Mr. Maloney.

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Becker Stays on Nan Hayworth’s ‘Acid Hurling’ Controversy

rich becker fb Becker Stays on Nan Hayworths Acid Hurling Controversy
Rich Becker (Photo: Facebook)

Rich Becker, a Democratic candidate to take on GOP Rep. Nan Hayworth in November, has no intention of letting Nan Hayworth’s spokesman off the hook for suggesting acid should be hurled onto female Democratic senators who fail to hire equitably within their own staffs.

Although the spokesman, Jay Townsend, apologized for the comment, Mr. Becker is arguing Ms. Hayworth needs to fire him to fully rectify the situation. Mr. Becker sent her a letter today, which you can view below, repeating that position, and he’s holding a rally outside of her office later this morning to further emphasize the point.

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‘Acid Hurling’ Accusations In NY-18

hayworth Acid Hurling Accusations In NY 18Richard Becker, a Cortlandt town councilman and cardiologist running in a Democratic primary in the Hudson Valley, hit his Republican opponent in the race for comments made on Facebook.

It appears as if a spokesman for Nan Hayworth, the Republican incumbent, responded on a Facebook thread to a local Democratic activist who had criticized an early post of his by saying:

Listen to Tom. What a little bee he has in his bonnet. Buzz Buzz. My question today…when is Tommy boy going to weigh in on all the Lilly Ledbetter hypocrites who claim to be fighting the War on Women? Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators who won’t abide the mandates they want to impose on the private sector. Continue reading “‘Acid Hurling’ Accusations In NY-18”

Becker Slams Maloney For Out-Of District Donations

rich becker fb Becker Slams Maloney For Out Of District DonationsThe Democratic primary for the seat currently held by Republican Nan Hayworth is heating up, with the campaign of Rich Becker sending out a scorching email this morning blasting rival Sean Patrick Maloney for garnering only one donation in the redrawn district he hopes to represent.

“They say ‘one is the loneliest number,’ and Sean Patrick Maloney’s first quarter filing pretty much proves that. For a candidate to receive a single solitary donation, just 3/4 of one percent of his total money raised, from the district he’s hoping to represent is a clear indication of transparent carpetbagging,” the campaign said in a statement. “We’re not surprised though; during his entire two-year run against Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General, Sean only managed to raise 2/3 of one percent of his total money from residents of the new 18th district. By comparison, 77.7% of our donations came from within the district.” Continue reading “Becker Slams Maloney For Out-Of District Donations”

Nan Hayworth Rakes In $290,000

nan hayworth fb Nan Hayworth Rakes In $290,000
Nan Hayworth (Photo: Facebook)

GOP Congresswoman Nan Hayworth raised $290,000 in the last three months, a respectable sum but still less than one of her Democratic opponents, Sean Patrick Maloney, who announced he raised $320,000 himself within the same period, according to her recently filed FEC report.

However, she dwarfs Mr. Maloney in cash on hand, with over $1.2 million (he has $310,000), an advantage she is also sure to enjoy over Mr. Maloney’s two main primary opponents, Dr. Rich Becker and Wappinger Falls Mayor Matt Alexander, as well.

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Rich Becker Has Questions for Sean Patrick Maloney

rich becker fb1 Rich Becker Has Questions for Sean Patrick Maloney
Rich Becker (Photo: Facebook)

Earlier this evening, Democratic congressional candidate Rich Becker challenged the fundraising of one of his primary challengers, Sean Patrick Maloney, by releasing three “questions” for Mr. Maloney, who announced he raised a solid $320,000 this afternoon.

Addressing Mr. Maloney by his first name, Mr. Becker’s campaign spokesman Barry Caro wanted to know, “1) How much money did Sean raise from inside the 18th District? … 2)  How much of Sean’s money can actually be spent on the primary, versus the general election? … 3) How much money is Sean’s campaign spending on paid canvassers to get him on the ballot, and how much of that is in this report?”

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