Charlie Rangel’s Campaign Account Sinks Into Debt

Charlie Rangel Resident Magazine Shoot
Charlie Rangel (Photo: Getty)

Octogenarian Congressman Charlie Rangel staved off a vigorous primary challenge from State Sen. Adriano Espaillat last year, but he has yet to gear up his operations for what could be another tough re-election fight. According to his latest filings, Mr. Rangel spent more than he raised and has negative $4,800 cash on hand and $36,000 in debts and obligations.

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Long Island State Senator Suddenly Indicates Retirement Plans

sd4 johnson Long Island State Senator Suddenly Indicates Retirement Plans

GOP State Senator Owen Johnson, who had previously vowed to seek reelection amid rumors that he might not seek reelection, surprisingly confirmed those rumors after submitting petitions to be on the ballot again, Newsday reported this morning. The octogenarian senator was first elected in 1972.

The move will allow Mr. Johnson to select a Republican replacement of his choosing to face off against Democratic county legislator Ricardo Montano.

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Ed Towns Won’t Pull A Switcheroo

ed towns1 Ed Towns Wont Pull A Switcheroo
Ed Towns

Retiring Congressman Ed Towns did not submit petitions to be on the ballot last night, closing the door on his ability to anoint an ally to run in his stead, according to one knowledgeable tipster. This sets up a direct head-to-head match between Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and Councilman Charles Barron in the June 26th Democratic primary.

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Hakeem Jeffries Would Like Ed Towns’ Endorsement

hakeem jeffries ed towns ny1 Hakeem Jeffries Would Like Ed Towns Endorsement
Hakeem Jeffries and Ed Towns (Photo: NY1)

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries had critical words to describe incumbent Congressman Ed Towns when the two were competing against one another, but now that Mr. Towns has bowed out, Mr. Jeffries is paying a healthy respect to his record and is seeking his endorsement.

“I commend him for his 30 years of service and the decision that he’s made at this point to move on, and I wish him well at this next stage of his professional career,” Mr. Jeffries told Errol Louis on Inside City Hall earlier tonight.

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Reports: Veteran Rep. Ed Towns Retiring

ed towns office1 Reports: Veteran Rep. Ed Towns Retiring
Congressman Towns

Congressman Ed Towns is not seeking reelection, Politico reported in an email tonight, citing “a source familiar with his decision.” This news was subsequently confirmed by the New York Daily News‘ Alison Gendar, who reported that Mr. Towns is making calls to supporters saying he’s not seeking reelection.

Mr. Towns’ reported exit is both surprising and unsurprising. He had no reelection campaign to speak of, but had also recently hired Hank Sheinkopf to handle his communications and was ramping up his fundraising as recently as March.

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Gary Ackerman Gets An April Fools Joke Early

250px new york mets svg  Gary Ackerman Gets An April Fools Joke Early
(Photo: Wikimedia)

The Queens Tribune had some fun with Congressman Gary Ackerman this week.

“Gary Ackerman started the Tribune, has been my business partner since the late 70s and a close friend for 50 years, since 1962 – he was much older then; he’s much older now,” Michael Schenkler wrote. “As a result of our relationship, I am able to share with you the truth about the season’s biggest political surprise; Gary’s retirement.”

The real reason for Mr. Ackerman’s bizarrely sudden retirement, according to Mr. Schenkler, was that he was about to take a management position at his beloved New York Mets.

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Grace Meng, Tony Avella Indicate Interest in Ackerman Seat

gary ackerman g Grace Meng, Tony Avella Indicate Interest in Ackerman Seat
Gary Ackerman (Photo: Facebook)

Only hours after Congressman Gary Ackerman indicated he was no longer seeking reelection, possible new candidates have already started showing interest in the Queens district he was previously running in.

In a statement sent out tonight, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, who is the only Asian-American elected official in Albany, made sure to note the new district where Mr. Ackerman was campaigning is plurality Asian and indirectly suggested she would be inclined to run if she received the Democratic establishment’s backing.

“This new congressional district is heavily Asian, and I will be sitting down with our Queens Democratic Organization Chairman, Congressman Joseph Crowley, our community leaders and activists to discuss how the coming months may shape out,” she said, while praising Mr. Ackerman.

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