John Catsimatidis Explains Why He Asked Joe Lhota to Exit Mayor’s Race

John Catsimatidis at a kosher supermarket today.
John Catsimatidis today.

Former MTA Chair Joe Lhota has led each and every poll surveying the mayoral race’s GOP primary. Yet late Friday night, rival John Catsimatidis called on Mr. Lhota to “end this charade [and] drop out of the race now.”

Needless to say, Mr. Lhota did not heed Mr. Catsimatidis’s call, which was prompted by a modest fund-raising filing. But Mr. Catsimatidis, a billionaire who is self-financing his campaign, still repeated his call today.

“The whole thing is, with $157,000 for the whole month of August, where the hell are you going? Where are you going?” Mr. Catsimatidis pressed when asked about the remarks while greeting voters at a kosher supermarket in Brooklyn, which was buzzing with shoppers preparing for Rosh Hashana. Continue reading “John Catsimatidis Explains Why He Asked Joe Lhota to Exit Mayor’s Race”

Lhota Says Catsimatidis Ads ‘Piss Me Off’

The three GOP mayoral candidates at tonight's debate.
John Catsimatidis, Joe Lhota and George McDonald at tonight’s debate.

Tell us how you really feel, Joe Lhota.

The former MTA chair joined his fellow Republican candidates at a mostly-genial mayoral forum tonight, where they lobbed bombs at common enemies like their Democratic rivals and agreed on virtually all policy fronts. But the good will ended when rival John Catsimatidis said he “liked” Mr. Lhota while declaring himself the most viable contender in the race.

“You don’t show it,” Mr. Lhota groused, pointing to the flood of negative advertising recently launched by the billionaire businessman’s campaign. “You sure spend a lot of money to piss me off.”

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Carl Paladino Predicts ‘God-Like’ Andrew Cuomo’s Demise

Republican Carl Paladino on Capital Tonight. (Photo:
Carl Paladino on Capital Tonight. (Photo:

Republican Carl Paladino, who badly lost to Gov. Andrew Cuomo back in 2010, is predicting his former electoral foe will lose his re-election bid next year.

Speaking yesterday on YNN’s Capital Tonight, Mr. Paladino, never known for mincing words, slammed the governor as “self-absorbed” and “egotistical” and declared his gun legislation would be his end.

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Republican Candidates Slam Bill That Would Allow Non-Citizens to Vote

Adolfo Carrión Jr. (Photo:
Adolfo Carrión Jr. (Photo:

City Republicans–and Adolfo Carrion Jr.–slammed proposed city legislation that would allow non-U.S. citizens to vote in local elections, calling the idea offensive, illegal and just plain dumb.

The City Council held a hearing earlier today on a bill that would allow any resident legally living in the city for six months or longer to vote in municipal elections. The bill, which is opposed by the mayor, has wide support on the council, with 34 sponsors–a veto-proof majority.

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Giuliani Cousin Considering Campaign for Dan Halloran’s Seat

dan halloran wiki Giuliani Cousin Considering Campaign for Dan Hallorans Seat
Dan Halloran. (Photo: Facebook)

A name familiar to millions of New Yorkers could enter a volatile Queens City Council race.

Rudy S. Giuliani, chief of staff to Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich and second cousin to the former mayor of the same name, is mulling a run for indicted GOP Councilman Dan Halloran’s seat, multiple sources told Politicker.

“If there’s a special election, it’d be hard to pass up,” one Queens Republican insider said. “That’s how he’s framed it to me.” Continue reading “Giuliani Cousin Considering Campaign for Dan Halloran’s Seat”

Tom Allon Is Dropping Out of the Mayor’s Race

Tom Allon (Photo: Facebook)
Tom Allon (Photo: Facebook)

A little over five months after he announced a “fusion candidacy” for mayor on the Liberal and Republican party lines, Tom Allon, CEO of the local newspaper chain Manhattan Media, is ending his bid for City Hall. Mr. Allon announced his decision in a statement that attributed the decision to his direct acquisition of Manhattan Media’s political news organization, City and State Media.

“When I decided to enter the mayoral race in July, 2011, I had a deep desire to lead this wonderful and unique city and to finally fix our crumbling public education system, the single greatest cause of New York City’s jobs crisis and increasing inequality in the five boroughs,” Mr. Allon said. Continue reading “Tom Allon Is Dropping Out of the Mayor’s Race”

Greek Lightning: John Catsimatidis Hopes His Millions Can Electrify a Long-Shot Mayoral Bid

Illustration by, Drew Friedman
Illustration by, Drew Friedman

One night this week, you may be at home, minding your own business, and find yourself on the receiving end of a phone call from John Catsimatidis. Your next brush with him might happen when you’re driving or sitting in front of the television. These encounters will, no doubt, be memorable, thanks to the candidate’s loud squawk of a New York accent and his decidedly distinctive appearance. With an ample gut and a face padded by a prominent second chin, Mr. Catsimatidis looks less suited for prime time than for a caricature by the pioneering political cartoonist Thomas Nast as a mass of jowls and bursting blazer buttons.

Over the next few months, the businessman plans to spend several million of his own dollars to take his mayoral campaign to the phone lines and airwaves in an effort to show New Yorkers he’s a more approachable, homespun brand of billionaire than Michael Bloomberg.

“I grew up on 135th Street. I grew up on the poor side of New York. I grew up in Harlem. I was a store owner. I’m still a store owner,” Mr. Catsimatidis told The Observer on the phone from a weekend vacation in the Bahamas. “I’m not a Bloomberg billionaire. I am a real New Yorker … I didn’t go to Harvard, I didn’t go to Yale … I rooted for the Yankees, I didn’t root for the Boston Red Sox.” Continue reading “Greek Lightning: John Catsimatidis Hopes His Millions Can Electrify a Long-Shot Mayoral Bid”