De Blasio Laughs Off Idea of Hiring Republicans: ‘Let’s Not Get Crazy About This Diversity Idea’

Mayor-Elect De Blasio Joins Al Sharpton For Mandela Tribute In Harlem
Bill de Blasio. (Mandel Ngan/Getty)

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, who vowed throughout his campaign to build an administration that mirrored the city, laughed off the idea of hiring Republicans this morning at a press conference announcing his latest pick.

“Let’s not get crazy about this diversity idea,” joked Mr. de Blasio when asked whether he was considering appointees from across the aisle as he works to fill his incoming administration. The response draw laughs from Mr. de Blasio and many in the audience, including his wife. Continue reading “De Blasio Laughs Off Idea of Hiring Republicans: ‘Let’s Not Get Crazy About This Diversity Idea’”

Michael Mulgrew Won’t Take Joe Lhota’s Calls

Joe Lhota
Joe Lhota signs an autograph.

The United Federation of Teachers is screening its calls.

Republican mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota says the president of the powerful teachers’ union, Michael Mulgrew, has refused to take his phone calls, despite repeated attempts to connect.

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Joe Lhota and Al Sharpton Have ‘Cordial and Candid’ Sit-Down

rev al
Joe Lhota meets with Rev. Al Sharpton. (Photo: Twitter/@rachelnoerd)

It was a meeting that would have been unimaginable 15 years ago.

Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, who served as deputy mayor under Rudy Giuliani, tonight sat down with Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights leader who maintained an infamously antagonistic relationship with the Giuliani administration.

But everything went smoothly enough today. The pair emerged following a 30-minute meeting to a room full of press, but offered few details of the exchange, which Mr. Sharpton described as “cordial and candid.”

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Joe Lhota Vows to ‘Unify Our Party’ After Bruising Primary

lhota victory 2
Joe Lhota celebrating his win.

Former deputy mayor and MTA Chair Joe Lhota decisively beat back his billionaire opponent tonight in the Republican mayoral primary, despite the onslaught of millions of dollars worth of negative mailings and television ads.

Though he’d called John Catsimatidis’s ads “amazingly disgusting” earlier today and seemed to have little patience for another challenger, Doe Fund founder George McDonald, Mr. Lhota offer an olive branch to both of his opponents in a victory speech delivered to cheering supporters at a Midtown hotel.

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‘Next Time I’ll Work Harder!’: John Catsimatidis Loses Republican Primary

John Catsimatidis speaking tonight.
John Catsimatidis speaking tonight.

His dream of being the next billionaire mayor of New York City is officially over.

John Catsimatidis, the owner of the Gristedes supermarket chain, took to the stage of the Roosevelt Hotel tonight to concede his loss in the Republican primary following returns that made it clear he had lost to Joe Lhota.

“I want to apologize to my staff that I didn’t do better and win this thing for all of you,” Mr. Catsimatidis said, mournfully.

“We’ll never be disappointed!” some in the crowd shouted. “Never!”

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Some Disaffected Democrats Turning to Joe Lhota

Joe Lhota earlier today. (Photo: Getty)

Democrat Magda Katz walked into a breakfast this morning for Republican Joe Lhota knowing little about the candidate. By the time she left, she said, she was sold.

Frustrated by the current crop of Democratic candidates, Ms. Katz–a life-long Democrat–said she was impressed by Mr. Lhota’s background managing the city’s finances and his efforts in the days after 9/11, which were recounted by his old boss, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who spoke at the breakfast.

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