Pete King Says He’s ‘Certainly’ Looking at Running for President

Pete King. (Photo: Getty)
Pete King. (Photo: Getty)

Late last night, Newxmax reported that Long Island GOP Congressman Pete King, not widely considered one of the top contenders for the White House for 2016, was nevertheless looking at running for president, citing anonymous sources.

This afternoon, Mr. King confirmed the report to Politicker.

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Michael Grimm Has Had It Up to Here With President Obama

Congressman Grimm is not pleased. (Photo: Facebook)
Congressman Grimm is not pleased. (Photo: Facebook)

As President Barack Obama’s opponents pile on in the aftermath of multiple recent controversies–notably his reaction to the Benghazi attacks, revelations that the Internal Revenue Service focused on conservative-aligned nonprofits and the Justice Department’s unprecedented snooping on press communications–one local congressman wants it to be known that he is also not pleased.

To wit, Republican Rep. Michael Grimm, who represents Staten Island and southern Brooklyn, released a lengthy statement this afternoon blasting Mr. Obama for “bringing Chicago-style politics to the White House.” This style of underhanded rule, Mr. Grimm said, has resulted in a presidency that is “the most secretive, deceptive, and divisive we’ve seen in modern times.”

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Pete King Says Boston ‘Terrorist Attack’ Shows Need for Police Surveillance

Pete King on Morning Joe. (Screengrab: MSNBC)
Pete King on Morning Joe. (Screengrab: MSNBC)

President Barack Obama may have been reluctant to use the term “terrorism” to describe yesterday’s deadly explosions at the Boston Marathon, but Long Island Rep. Pete King, who up until recently was Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, thinks there’s no doubt.

“Clearly, this was a terrorist attack,” Mr. King said on Morning Joe today. “You had the multiple explosions. You had someone who was able to penetrate security. Amateurs don’t do that, so this was well-planned and coordinated. It was a terrorist attack. It’s a question of who did it, … it’s too early to say. Obviously we have to consider whether it was Islamic jihad. It could also be white supremacist, it could be anti-government people.”

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Rivals React to Anthony Weiner’s Mayoral Aspirations

The New York Magazine cover. (photo:
The New York Magazine cover. (photo:

New York City’s political world is abuzz with today’s news that former Congressman Anthony Weiner is indeed exploring a long-rumored campaign for mayor, revealed in a lengthy New York Times Magazine profile. In addition to various politicos speculating endlessly on the subject, Mr. Weiner’s possible rivals have started to give their own thoughts.

Comptroller John Liu, for example, told reporters that he was fine with Mr. Weiner running, but jokingly urged the potential candidate to stay away from Twitter–lest he run into a scandal similar to the one that infamously ended his congressional career in 2011.

“If Anthony wants to be mayor, I guess I would suggest getting rid of his phone and closing down his tweeting account,” Mr. Liu said after an unrelated policy speech in Manhattan. “This is a democracy. Anthony has got a lot of resources, he’s a hustler. Just stop tweeting.”

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Bob Turner Is Done With the Whole Politics Thing

bob turner getty3 Bob Turner Is Done With the Whole Politics Thing
(Photo: Getty)

Last year, GOP Congressman Bob Turner drew national headlines when he notched an upset victory in the special election to replace Rep. Anthony Weiner, whose infaous lewd tweet led to the liberal firebrand’s resignation. However, after giving up his seat for a failed Senate bid and watching his party lose the presidential election, it sounds like Mr. Turner might be giving up the political life.

“I’m very disappointed, but the country has changed, its demographics, its values, but I’m part of the old guard,” Mr. Turner said at Councilman Eric Ulrich’s election night event, according to Forest Hills Patch. “I think it’s a really sad day.”

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