Skirmish Hits Upper West Side Political Club After Liu Endorsement

The Broadway Democrats. (Photo:
The Broadway Democrats. (Photo:

Members of the Broadway Democrats, one of the Upper West Side’s most influential political clubs, are at odds over their endorsement of John Liu for mayor.

The club’s endorsements process spun into minor chaos late last night when members were forced to complete their counting in the club’s president’s home. Then, early this morning, a member realized the club had miscounted the ballots because of a misinterpretation of the club’s run-off procedures–forcing a re-count that gave the city’s comptroller a victory.

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Two Candidates Declare Victory in Queens Special Election

Donovan Richards
Donovan Richards

Flanked by a coterie of elected officials, Donovan Richards declared victory last night in a wide-open, eight-way Queens City Council special election. Seven miles south, Pesach Osina did the same exact thing.

With 97 percent of precincts reporting, Mr. Richards leads Mr. Osina by just 26 votes, easily making the 31st District race too close for observers to call. Vote counting ceased at midnight and will resume today, but at last glance, Mr. Richards had 2,513 votes to Mr. Osina’s 2,487. In addition to a potentially missing memory stick from a ballot scanner, absentee and paper ballots still need to be counted. A recount is also likely, but each candidate acted like the undisputed victors nevertheless.

“I’m calling on the community tonight to put aside their differences. Those who ran in this election, let’s not be bitter against each other,” Mr. Richards said at a bustling lounge in Laurelton, Queens. Continue reading “Two Candidates Declare Victory in Queens Special Election”

Espaillat Campaign Prepares for Legal Showdown

boe ballots floor Espaillat Campaign Prepares for Legal Showdown
“BOE found more paper ballots on floor. Cool!” the Espaillat campaign’s spokesman tweeted Friday evening.

State Senator Adriano Espaillat certainly can’t be be accused of sitting down after his reported loss to veteran Rep. Charlie Rangel in last Tuesday’s Democratic primary. As Mr. Rangel’s lead whittled down to just 802 votes over the weekend, the Espaillat campaign hired election law guru Marty Connor and promoted a hotline available for voters to register complaints about Election Day shenanigans. A State Supreme Court will hear an injunction request from Mr. Espaillat today and the Board of Elections will start counting more than 2,000 affidavit ballots Thursday morning.

“As the New York State Supreme Court considers the serious voting-access and counting issues in the 13th Congressional District election, we are pleased to welcome Marty Connor to lead our legal team,” Mr. Espaillat’s spokesman, Ibrahim Khan, said in a press release. “Our campaign will continue to push for every vote to be counted in a transparent and democratic process.”

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David Storobin Wins Epic State Senate Race

storobin2 David Storobin Wins Epic State Senate Race
David Storobin (Photo: Facebook)

More than two months after the voters cast their ballots in the race to replace Carl Kruger in the State Senate has finally come to a close. The Republican candidate, David Storobin, has won.

“All the votes are in, disputed and otherwise. The count is fully over. David Storobin won by 16 votes,” Mr. Storobin’s campaign wrote on his Facebook page. ” The election will be officially certified on Tuesday at 1:30 pm, but there will be NO MORE counting. David Storobin is the new Senator!”

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Team Storobin: So, Yeah, The Recount’s Over and We Won This Thing

lew fidler david storobin Team Storobin: So, Yeah, The Recounts Over and We Won This Thing
Lew Fidler and David Storobin

After a brutal campaign and an even more brutal process of counting the absentee ballots, fending off a fraud lawsuit, and an automatic hand recount, Republican candidate David Storobin looks like he’s finally set to become a state senator with a margin far narrower than what almost everybody literally predicted.

The Storobin campaign’s unofficial count has their candidate up 14 with 8 disputed ballots after the recount basically finished last night. They said even the numbers belonging to the Democratic contender, Lew Fidler, had Mr. Storobin up 11 votes, so even if every contested ballot favored Mr. Fidler (which is not happening), there is no path left that does not lead to a Storobin victory.

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David Storobin Close to Victory

 David Storobin Close to Victory
David Storobin on March 20th, when things seemed so much simpler. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

After a painfully elongated process, it seems the special election to replace corrupt State Senator Carl Kruger is almost over. The hand recount of the 20,000 ballots cast on March 20th should be finished in the next day or two and the Republican candidate, David Storobin, is close to securing a win with an extremely narrow margin.

According to multiple Republican tipsters, the unofficial tally has Mr. Storobin ahead by 24 votes, and unless something drastic happens that causes the counting of the final 25% or so of the ballots to shift towards his Democratic rival, Lew Fidler, Mr. Storobin could definitively declare victory before the month is over.

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With The Recount 10% Over, No Net Change in Fidler/Storobin Race

lew fidler david storobin With The Recount 10% Over, No Net Change in Fidler/Storobin Race
Lew Fidler and David Storobin (Photo: Facebook)

Republican David Storobin is currently on track to become a New York State Senator in the epic, never-ending special election to replace corrupt Senator — and future inmate — Carl Kruger. The votes, cast March 20th, have all been counted, but an automatic hand recount of all 20,000 ballots was triggered due to the closeness of the end count — a lead by Mr. Storobin of 27 votes.

“So, they are 10% through with the first ever re canvass of paper ballots from the scanners,” the Democratic candidate, Lew Fidler, wrote on Facebook last night, noting, however, that there is still some hope as the new voting machines did show variances with the original count even though the net margin did not change.

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