Tish James Takes on Fox News

Councilwoman Tish James (Photo: Facebook)
Councilwoman Tish James (Photo: Facebook)

Councilwoman and candidate for Public Advocate Tish James wants an apology from the Fox News host who suggested rapes do not occur on college campuses during an appearance on the roundtable show The Five.

“Questioning whether rapes happen on college campuses is deeply offensive to all, especially those who have suffered irreparable harm as a result of these vicious crimes,” Ms. James said in a statement. “Furthermore, when the very existence of rape is challenged in a public forum, such as a widely-viewed cable news channel, it discourages the reporting of an already under-reported crime.” Continue reading “Tish James Takes on Fox News”

Romney ‘Disagrees’ With Richard Mourdock, But His Ad Is Staying Up

romney mourdock ad Romney Disagrees With Richard Mourdock, But His Ad Is Staying Up
Mitt Romney as seen in his ad endorsing Richard Mourdock. (Photo: YouTube)

Republican Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock sparked a firestorm after he discussed abortion in cases of rape in a debate last night and said, “I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” Democrats quickly went on the attack against Mr. Mourdock, focusing on an ad Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney recorded for him that was released online Sunday. Though aides for Mr. Romney issued statements expressing disagreement with Mr. Mourdock’s position on rape and abortion, the campaign is not asking for the ad to be pulled. Continue reading “Romney ‘Disagrees’ With Richard Mourdock, But His Ad Is Staying Up”

Todd Akin’s Team Mocks McCaskill for Not Beating Them Badly Enough in New Poll

 Todd Akins Team Mocks McCaskill for Not Beating Them Badly Enough in New Poll
Todd Akin (Photo: Facebook)

Embattled Congressman Todd Akin’s campaign manager (and son) Perry Akin released a statement saying a new Rasmussen Reports poll showing that the elder Mr. Akin went from leading the Missouri Senate race to running 10 points behind his rival, incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill after his controversial comments on “legitimate rape” is actually bad news for Ms. McCaskill. The younger Mr. Akin’s rationale for this interpretation of the poll numbers is that Ms. McCaskill should be beating Mr. Akin by a lot more than 48 percent to 38 percent in the aftermath of his rape-remark firestorm.

“The fact that Claire McCaskill is only polling at 48% after 72 hours of constant negative attacks on Todd Akin shows just how weak she is. If she can’t break fifty percent after a week like this, Democrats should ask Claire to step down,” the Akin campaign’s statement said.  Continue reading “Todd Akin’s Team Mocks McCaskill for Not Beating Them Badly Enough in New Poll”

Todd Akin Says ‘Donations Are Pouring In’ After ‘Legitimate Rape’ Flap

 Todd Akin Says Donations Are Pouring In After Legitimate Rape Flap
Todd Akin (Photo: Facebook)

For embattled Missouri congressman and Senate candidate Todd Akin, the reverse of the old rap song is apparently true and more problems = more money. According to Mr. Akin’s website he has raised over $10,000 from supporters after declaring his intention to stay in the Senate race in the wake of a massive controversy over comments he made on “legitimate rape,” pregnancy and abortion.

“Donations are pouring in. Thank you for standing up against the liberal elite,” Mr. Akin wrote on Twitter last night. Continue reading “Todd Akin Says ‘Donations Are Pouring In’ After ‘Legitimate Rape’ Flap”

We’re Going To Have Todd Akin to Kick Around a While Longer

 Were Going To Have Todd Akin to Kick Around a While Longer
Todd Akin (Photo: Facebook)

Embattled congressman Todd Akin won’t be withdrawing from Missouri’s Senate race despite calls from leaders within his party for him to step aside and make room for another candidate after his comments about “legitimate rape” and abortion caused a massive controversy. Mr. Akin made his intention to stick with his Senate bid clear on a pair of radio interviews this afternoon where he admitted that he “misspoke one word,” but also accused his detractors of having “an overreaction.” Continue reading “We’re Going To Have Todd Akin to Kick Around a While Longer”

Poll Shows ‘Legitimate Rape’ Flap Might Not Have Sunk Todd Akin’s Senate Chances

 Poll Shows Legitimate Rape Flap Might Not Have Sunk Todd Akins Senate Chances
Todd Akin (Photo: Facebook)

A new poll might explain why Congressman Todd Akin isn’t heeding the wishes of Republican Party leaders and dropping out of the Missouri Senate race following the firestorm over his comments on “legitimate rape.” According to the latest numbers from Public Policy Polling, Mr. Akin still maintains the same slim one percent lead over his opponent, incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill,” that he enjoyed prior to the controversy over his suggestion rape doesn’t lead to pregnancy because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Continue reading “Poll Shows ‘Legitimate Rape’ Flap Might Not Have Sunk Todd Akin’s Senate Chances”

Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘We Can’t Let Akin Win’

kirsten gillibrand wiki Kirsten Gillibrand: We Can’t Let Akin Win
Kirsten Gillibrand (Photo: Wikimedia)

Though it has been less than two hours since Missouri Congressman Todd Akin took to the airwaves and vowed to keep his senate campaign going, he is now reportedly ending that bid following the flap over a statement he made that women can’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape.” However, the rumors of Mr. Akin’s impending political demise didn’t stop New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from sending her supporters and email asking them to donate to Mr. Akin’s Democratic opponent, Claire McCaskill.

“In all my years of public service, I’ve heard a lot of shocking remarks on the campaign trail. But yesterday’s appalling comment by Tea Party senatorial candidate Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri took things to a whole new level,” Ms. Gillibrand wrote. “This from someone who’s tied with Senator Claire McCaskill in the polls, from someone who could tip the balance of power in the Republicans’ favor. We can’t let Akin win. We need to help Claire, who’s been a strong progressive voice in the Senate on behalf of women’s rights. Give to Claire McCaskill’s campaign today and help make sure Akin and his abhorrent views don’t reach the Senate.” Continue reading “Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘We Can’t Let Akin Win’”