New ‘Giant Margaritas’ Hip-Hop Song Blasts Bloomberg’s Soda Rules

A scene from the video. (Photo: YouTube)
Awkwafina. (Photo: YouTube)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s regulations against large soda cups in restaurants may have been blocked by the courts, but local hip-hop artist Awkwafina is putting him on notice anyway.

“Hey Mayor Mike Bloomberg, help me understand!” she declares in a video released today. “Our giant margaritas are going to get banned. Are going to get banned … Please don’t take my freedom, my giant margarita.”

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Connecticut Mayor Dubs Blizzard ‘Snowtorious B.I.G.’

Mark Boughton and the Notorious B.I.G.
Mark Boughton and the Notorious B.I.G.

While many people and elected officials have simply followed the Weather Channel’s decision to call the snowstorm hitting the Northeast “Nemo,” the mayor of one city in Connecticut has decided to come up with his own name for the blizzard and it’s a reference to the late, great rapper Notorious B.I.G. In a series of tweets sent today, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has used the #SnowtoriousBIGII hashtag to refer to the storm.

“Wind is definitely picking up,” Mr. Boughton wrote this afternoon. “This is becoming an old school storm. #OG #snotoriousBIGII” Continue reading “Connecticut Mayor Dubs Blizzard ‘Snowtorious B.I.G.’”

How GQ Misrepresented Marco Rubio’s Rap IQ

156645317 How <em>GQ</em> Misrepresented Marco Rubios Rap IQ
Marco Rubio (Photo: Getty)

This month’s issue of GQ features an interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio in which he talks about his favorite rap songs. When the interview went live online last week, many people took note of Mr. Rubio’s rap knowledge, but Politicker couldn’t help but notice he appeared to mistakenly describe hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa as a member of the rap group Public Enemy. However, after reading the print version of the issue it is clear that the discrepancy was caused by an edit made by the magazine and not any rap errors made by Mr. Rubio.   Continue reading “How GQ Misrepresented Marco Rubio’s Rap IQ”

Malcolm Smith Denounces Lil’ Wayne in Times Square

malcolm smith lil wayne Malcolm Smith Denounces Lil Wayne in Times Square
Malcolm Smith standing in Times Square for his denunciation of Lil’ Wayne. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

At a highly anticipated press conference in the middle of Times Square, Queens State Senator and potential mayoral candidate Malcolm Smith took Lil’ Wayne to task for saying he doesn’t like New York City in an interview earlier this week. The senator began by repeating Mr. Wayne’s offending comments for the benefit of the handful of reporters who braved the crowds of tourists to witness Mr. Smith’s denunciation of the rapper.

“Let me read you a statement, one word–a couple of words that came from Lil’ Wayne today and here’s what he said: ‘I. Don’t Like. New. York,” Mr. Smith said, slowly reciting each outrageous syllable of Mr. Wayne’s five word comment for emphasis.

Mr. Smith went on to explain why he took “strong exception” to Mr. Wayne’s comments and would like the rapper to issue a formal apology. Continue reading “Malcolm Smith Denounces Lil’ Wayne in Times Square”

State Senator Malcolm Smith Wants an Apology From Lil’ Wayne

malcolm smith fb State Senator Malcolm Smith Wants an Apology From Lil Wayne
Malcolm Smith (Photo: Facebook)

Queens State Senator and potential mayoral candidate Malcolm Smith has beef with Lil’ Wayne. Mr. Smith is holding a press conference in Times Square this afternoon to demand an apology from Mr. Wayne after the rapper expressed his distaste for New York in an interview with MTV News this week.

“The rapper publicly said he flat out don’t like New York. New York City is the birthplace of the Hip Hop music movement,” a press release from Mr. Smith’s office said. “Millions of New Yorkers listen to his music every day. His comments outraged his local fans and residents. The group today will be demanding an apology of the hip hop star.” Continue reading “State Senator Malcolm Smith Wants an Apology From Lil’ Wayne”

Das Racist Rapper Joins Queens Redistricting Fight

himanshu suri Das Racist Rapper Joins Queens Redistricting Fight
Himanshu Suri (Photo: YouTube)

Rappers are more often associated with bling and fancy cars than legislative maps and council resolutions, but one Queens hip hopper is melding his music with one of the city’s most hot button political issues–redistricting.

Himanshu “Heems” Suri, one of the members of the rap group Das Racist, is releasing his hotly anticipated solo mixtape “Nehru Jackets” in conjunction with SEVA NY, a community organization that’s currently focused on raising awareness about the potential consequences the remapping of local political districts that will occur citywide later this year will have in the Queens neighborhood where he grew up. Mr. Suri’s mixtape will be accompanied on several songs by young SEVA members who rap and sing in Punjabi.

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