Pete King Calls for ‘All-Out Political and Legislative War’ Against Snowden Clemency

Pete King, (screengrab:
Pete King, (screengrab:

Long Island Congressman Pete King, not known for being bashful on national security issues, is calling for “all-out” political warfare to prevent NSA leaker Edward Snowden from being granted clemency.

“The president has the right to give pardons–to give clemency; the Justice Department can do that,” Mr. King said in a Fox News interview yesterday. “But to me there should be an all-out political and legislative war over this.” Continue reading “Pete King Calls for ‘All-Out Political and Legislative War’ Against Snowden Clemency”

Michael Grimm Picks a Fight With Rand Paul

Rand Paul. (Photo: Getty)
Rand Paul. (Photo: Getty)

Raging against libertarian-minded presidential hopefuls is normally the territory of Long Island Congressman Pete King, but this morning, Staten Island’s Michael Grimm stepped up to the plate, labeling Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s comments regarding Hurricane Sandy aid “disgraceful” and “simply moronic.”

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Chuck Schumer Says Rand Paul Is ‘Really Helpful’ on Immigration

Rand Paul. (Photo: Getty)
Rand Paul. (Photo: Getty)

Earlier this week, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul reportedly endorsed a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. And although Mr. Paul disputes that exact phrasing to describe his speech, it was a notable announcement from the Tea Party conservative as the U.S. Congress debates the issue. Indeed, New York’s own Senator Chuck Schumer, part of a bipartisan octet negotiating a comprehensive immigration bill, praised the move last night.

“I think the bottom line is having Rand Paul come out for something not that far away from our group of eight is really helpful,” Mr. Schumer said on Inside City Hall. “After all, he’s the hard right. He’s the Tea Party. And if he can be for it, so can most Republicans. And that gives me a lot of hope we can pass a bill in both the Senate and the House. And the House will be even tougher than the Senate.”

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Dan Halloran Keeps Up the Good Fight for Ron Paul Supporters

dan halloran rebel Dan Halloran Keeps Up the Good Fight for Ron Paul Supporters
Dan Halloran speaking before the crowd at the Rebel.

GOP Councilman Dan Halloran is an underdog congressional campaign in a staunchly Democratic district where his opponent has repeatedly attacked him for his support of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, but Mr. Halloran has no plans to slow down his advocacy in Mr. Paul’s political movement any time soon. To that end, he was among the supporters of Mr. Paul who gathered in Maine a couple weeks ago, and last night, he addressed a crowd that had gathered for Mr. Paul’s son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, near Penn Station last night.

“Problem is, we ain’t getting Ron in the White House. … We have a choice: Do we keep what we have, or do we trade it in?” Mr. Halloran said to the enthusiastic crowd, making the case for Mitt Romney’s campaign. “We can’t afford to have four more years of Barack Hussein Obama. We can’t afford it. Our country can’t economically. Our people can’t afford it. If you think people are out of work today, when the real depression hits us, and there’s no leadership in the White House, there’s going to be nowhere to hide. This country will come to a grinding halt. The Constitution, you can just forget about it.”

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Rand Paul Not a Fan of ‘Nanny Bloomberg,’ Soda Restrictions

rand paul nyc Rand Paul Not a Fan of Nanny Bloomberg, Soda Restrictions
Rand Paul addressing the crowd.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is in New York City as part of his book tour for his upcoming  tome, Government Bullies: How Everyday Americans Are Being Harassed, Abused, and Imprisoned by the Feds.This evening he spoke before a couple hundred fans packed into the Rebel nightclub on 30th Street and he made the case for restraining the federal government while slipping in a dig or two at the local municipal one.

“The whole thing is about submission,” Mr. Paul explained after a long rant about indefinite detention and security procedures at the Transportation Security Administration. “They want you to submit, they want you to listen, do what you’re told. I think we’ve had it up to here in New York because you’ve got ‘Nanny Bloomberg’ for your Mayor.”

The crowd booed and Mr. Paul went on to malign Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial plan to restrict the size of soda cups at restaurants and concession stands.

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TSA Claims Reports Of Rand Paul’s Detention Greatly Exaggerated

rand paul tsa detention TSA Claims Reports Of Rand Pauls Detention Greatly Exaggerated
Senator Rand Paul

Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul, ran into trouble at a TSA checkpoint at the airport in Nashville this morning, but the agency says reports he was detained are inaccurate.

Senator Paul was on his way to the anti-abortion “March For Life” rally in D.C. when he set off an alarm at the security checkpoint. His communications director, Moira Bagley, subsequently Tweeted, “Just got a call from @senrandpaul. He’s currently being detained by TSA in Nashville.” Continue reading “TSA Claims Reports Of Rand Paul’s Detention Greatly Exaggerated”

Liz Krueger Would Like You To Know Who Isn't Invited To Her Fundraiser

 Liz Krueger Would Like You To Know Who Isn't Invited To Her FundraiserManhattan State Senator Liz Krueger sent out a fundraising email earlier this week that features what may be called an “anti-Host Committee.”

On the space on the invite where it is usually listed which high rollers are putting it on, Ms. Krueger writes:

“Please do not join: The Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, Pedro Espada, Carl Paladino, Rudy Giuliani, Herman Cain, Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Michelle Bachmann, Pat Robertson, Rick Perry, Dean Skelos, Grover Norquist, Rand Paul, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Hiram Monserrate and all members of Rupert Murdoch’s family”

If nothing else, this invite shows what low esteem Sen. Krueger has for her former Senate Democratic colleagues Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada; this may be the first time the former Amigos have been included in the same breath as the Koch brothers and Sarah Palin. Continue reading “Liz Krueger Would Like You To Know Who Isn't Invited To Her Fundraiser”