New York Pols Join Education Beef With Maggie Gyllenhaal

maggie New York Pols Join Education Beef With Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie Gyllenhaal in Won’t Back Down. (Photo: YouTube)

Watch out Maggie Gyllenhaal, in certain districts of New York City, local elected officials are not cool with you right now. The problem at hand? Her new movie, Won’t Back Down, where she portrayed the role of frustrated public school parent using the local “parent trigger” law to take over the failing educational institution and turn it around. A group of public school advocates have already released a video entitled “Educating Maggie” outlining their beefs with the film, but now politicians are getting on Ms. Gyllenhaal’s case as well.

“No matter what some Hollywood movie says, this ‘Parent Trigger Law’ is a dangerous ruse to undermine public education in the United States by systematically weakening the relationship between parents and schools, and our communities cannot and will not allow it to happen,” Councilman James Sanders said, for example, in a press release put out by the group New Yorkers for Great Public Schools.

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Barron and James Blast Co-location Proposals [Video]

schoolhouse wiki Barron and James Blast Co location Proposals [Video]
(Photo: Wikimedia)

The issue of co-locating charter and public schools in the same building is a contentious one, and at an education hearing discussing the topic yesterday afternoon, the first two Council Members to speak thoroughly attacked the proposals in their districts.

“Co-location has been nothing but chaos,” East New York Councilman Charles Barron declared while criticizing the poor graduation rate among black and Latino students. “If you go into some of the schools in our district, you will see that the battles around co-location are taking away from serious educational approaches to our children.”

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