Pro-Choice Groups Rush to Attack Astorino Candidacy

Rob Astorino. (Photo: Facebook)
Rob Astorino. (Photo: Facebook)

Not a second had elapsed after Rob Astorino announced his campaign for governor today before he was under criticism from pro-choice organizations and women’s groups.

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Cuomo Condemns Abortion ‘Fear-Mongering’ Over Women’s Equality Act

Andrew Cuomo. (Photo: Getty)
Andrew Cuomo. (Photo: Getty)

With only a handful of days left in this year’s legislative session in which to enact his policy agenda, Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed hard on one of his signature issues today: the Women’s Equality Act. Sitting before the media at a State Capitol press conference, Mr. Cuomo repeatedly took swipes at both his critics and the press for what he said was an unfair depiction of the bill.

“The language on the choice issue is different than what the opponents have suggested,” Mr. Cuomo said at one point, for instance.  “Different than what the press has been writing, frankly …  Go back and look at the stories you guys wrote–none of that is accurate.”

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New GOP Senate Candidate Tacks Left on Social Issues; Calls Paul Ryan ‘Hero’

joe carvin capton New GOP Senate Candidate Tacks Left on Social Issues; Calls Paul Ryan Hero
Joe Carvin (Photo: Capital Tonight)

Joe Carvin is taking an interesting path in his quest to unseat Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand this year.

Last night, the recently announced candidate, who’s also a wealthy hedge-fund manager and town supervisor for Rye up in Westchester County, told Capital Tonight‘s Liz Benjamin he’s “absolutely” pro-choice and Congressman Paul Ryan is “my hero.”

When asked if his pro-choice stance could be a problem in a conservative Republican primary, Mr. Carvin replied, “No, not at all. I think what we have to focus on is what’s fundamental. I think unfortunately the social issues are more of a distraction.”

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