With Santorum Gone, Ed Cox Says New York Will Be ‘The Most Important Non-Swing State’

ed cox With Santorum Gone, Ed Cox Says New York Will Be The Most Important Non Swing State
Ed Cox (<i>Photo: Patrick McMullan</i>)

Now that Rick Santorum has officially ended his presidential campaign, there will be even less than expected at stake in New York’s presidential primary April 24. New York Republican Party chairman Ed Cox responded to the news of Mr. Santorum’s departure in an interview with The Journal News’ Politics on the Hudson blog by saying New York will remain important to presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney even though it doesn’t occupy a contested spot on the electoral map.

“New York is going to be very important to his campaign, not because we are a swing state with respect to our electoral votes, but because this is where the financial center with the money is, this is the media center of the United States where the media is, and this is the center for many ethnic groups,” Mr. Cox said. “So, New York going forward–as I learned as chairman of the McCain campaign–is going to be the most important non-swing state here among the 50 states.” Continue reading “With Santorum Gone, Ed Cox Says New York Will Be ‘The Most Important Non-Swing State’”

Romney Campaign: ‘It’s On’

142282501 Romney Campaign: Its On
Mitt Romney campaigning in Wisconsin last weekend. (Photo: Getty)

After Mitt Romney’s victories in the Wisconsin, Maryland and District of Columbia presidential primaries last night, he has more than half the delegates he needs to lock up the Republican nomination. According to Mr. Romney’s press secretary, Andrea Saul, President Barack Obama has taken notice of Mitt’s momentum. In an email to supporters sent after his three wins last night, Ms. Saul said the president is turning to negative ads because it’s clear “Americans across the nation are rallying around Mitt’s positive vision and plan for our country.”

“Mitt is well on his way to the nomination. And given the sudden increase in excuses and blame from President Obama, it’s apparent President Obama’s team is aware of that as well,” Ms. Saul said. Continue reading “Romney Campaign: ‘It’s On’”

The Return of the Native: Santorum Comes Home, But Do Pennsylvanians Still Pick Rick?

115286412 The Return of the Native: Santorum Comes Home, But Do Pennsylvanians Still Pick Rick?BUTLER, PA.—Western Pennsylvania, land of coal, sharp-rising hills, shuttered mines. It is a part of the country that Rick Santorum isn’t so much from; it is a part of the country that Rick Santorum is. It was at the Somerset County courthouse, an hour to the south and east of Pittsburgh, that Mr. Santorum announced that he would run for president. It was to western Pennsylvania that Mr. Santorum’s grandfather had come to escape fascist Italy, spending a lifetime toiling away in the mines—a story that Mr. Santorum has repeated at nearly every campaign stop since that morning on the courthouse steps two years ago.

In speeches, Mr. Santorum rhapsodizes about the area, calling it the perfect place to grow up, telling voters, “I don’t have Wall Street experience, but I have experience growing up in a small town in western Pennsylvania, growing up in a steel town.”

He learned everything, he says, “growing up with folks who worked in the mills and the mines in western Pennsylvania.” Continue reading “The Return of the Native: Santorum Comes Home, But Do Pennsylvanians Still Pick Rick?”

Rick Santorum Wins Mississippi Primary

ricksantorum debate nh Rick Santorum Wins Mississippi Primary
Rick Santorum (Photo: Getty)

Rick Santorum continued to poke holes in Mitt Romney’s aura of inevitability by following up his victory in the Alabama primary with a win in the Mississippi primary tonight. Though Mr. Romney still has a large lead in the overall delegate count, a win tonight would have gone a long way toward cementing his status as the clear frontrunner. Mr. Santorum’s wins in more conservative states are prolonging the race for the Republican nomination and fueling the perception Mr. Romney has issues connecting with important elements of the Republican base. Despite his losses in the South, Mr. Romney is expected to win tonight’s caucuses in American Samoa and Hawaii, though those results won’t be official until much later due to the time difference.  Continue reading “Rick Santorum Wins Mississippi Primary”

Rick Santorum Wins Alabama Primary

rick santorum getty Rick Santorum Wins Alabama Primary
Rick Santorum could have a big night tonight

Rick Santorum won the Alabama primary tonight. NBC News declared Mr. Santorum the winner a little less than one hour after polls closed. Mitt Romney, the frontrunner for the nomination, still holds a strong delegate lead, but he has had trouble winning primaries in the Southern states. Continue reading “Rick Santorum Wins Alabama Primary”

Is Rudy Giuliani Warming Up To Mitt Romney?

137757867 Is Rudy Giuliani Warming Up To Mitt Romney?
Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Getty)

Former New York City Mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani was a guest speaker at the Bronx Chamber of Commerce Irish Heritage Luncheon today and The Politicker asked him whether he’ll be making an endorsement in this year’s Republican race. While Mr. Giuliani’s endorsement is considered influential to GOP voters, last month, he told CBS News he was reluctant to back Mitt Romney because the current frontrunner “has changed his position on virtually everything.” But today, Mr. Giuliani said he could imagine himself endorsing any of the three main Republican candidates.

“I can see myself supporting any one of the Republican candidates, whether it’s Governor Romney, Rick Santorum, or it’s my friend, Newt Gingrich,” Mr. Giuliani said. “I think all three of them would be much better for this country than President Obama, who, I think, is a disaster for our economy.” Continue reading “Is Rudy Giuliani Warming Up To Mitt Romney?”

All Eyes On Ohio For Super Tuesday

seal of ohio All Eyes On Ohio For Super Tuesday
Seal of the State of Ohio. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

With primaries occurring in ten states tonight, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have each enjoyed victories on this Super Tuesday, but the most crucial contest, Ohio, is still too close to call. So far, Mr. Santorum won in Oklahoma and Tennessee. Mr. Romney, as expected, emerged victorious in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Virginia, where Mr. Santorum and Mr. Gingrich did not qualify to get on the ballot. Mr. Gingrich, who hasn’t had a primary victory since South Carolina in January, won his home state of Georgia.

“As it looks right now we’re going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole passel full of silver medals,” Mr. Santorum said to supporters at his Ohio campaign headquarters. Continue reading “All Eyes On Ohio For Super Tuesday”