Cuomo's Two Port Authority Appointees Attended One Meeting

In a scrum with reporters in Albany today, Governor Andrew Cuomo explained how much involvement his appointees to the Port Authority — which recently proposed massive toll hikes — have had so far.

“We’ve had two appointees who were put on, who attended one meeting,” Cuomo said.

The comment comes after  a couple of news stories — from the New York Times and the Bergen Record — reported Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie were aware that the Port Authority would propose toll hikes in advance of their announcement last week. Continue reading “Cuomo's Two Port Authority Appointees Attended One Meeting”

Will Cuomo and Christie Approve Major Toll Hike by Port Authority?

In a joint statement with Governor Christie late this Friday afternoon, Governor Cuomo said blocking the Port Authority’s ability to raise money through borrowing and risking a downgrading of their bonds would be “a potentially disastrous result” and “unacceptable.”

The bi-state, quasi-independent agency announced plans for massive toll hikes to pay for operating costs and improvement, thanks to a lack of investment from the state. Continue reading “Will Cuomo and Christie Approve Major Toll Hike by Port Authority?”