Mindy Meyer Claims ‘Very Big Gay Following … From the Streets’ [Video]

mindy meyer Mindy Meyer Claims Very Big Gay Following ... From the Streets [Video]
(photo: mindymeyer4senate.com)

Last night, Conservative State Senate candidate Mindy “Diva of the District” Meyer went on Yetta Kurland Live, which was certainly a new environment for the young celebrity candidate who has gained national attention for her dazzling website, even though she has little chance in her extremely Democratic district. Notably, the show’s callers and its outspokenly progressive host, Ms. Kurland, pressed Ms. Meyer to explain her actual positions on issues again and again, generating an interesting exchange.

“I’ve been involved with education, also I’m not alive enough to have actively done anything,” Ms. Meyer said, for example, when a caller asked her if she has any accomplishments she can point to. “I’m running for Senate right now because I want to make a difference and I want the power to do that change, but there’s nothing I’ve actively done.”

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