Councilman Peter Vallone Isn’t Going to Let His Bridge Dream Die

The late Ed Koch poses during the renaming of the Queensboro Bridge. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
Ed Koch poses during the renaming of the Queensboro Bridge. (Photo: JP Yim/Getty)

For Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., it was always a bridge too far.

The Queens pol raged in 2011 when the City Council renamed his beloved Queensboro Bridge after former Mayor Ed Koch, stripping the cantilevered bridge, in Mr. Vallone’s eyes, of its Queens-centric identity. Continue reading “Councilman Peter Vallone Isn’t Going to Let His Bridge Dream Die”

City Council Debates Medical Marijuana Resolution

Council members converse before vote today for medical marijuana resolution.
Council members converse before today’s vote for a medical marijuana-related resolution.

The New York City Council’s health committee gathered today to discuss a hot-button issue being considered by a legislative body far from home: medical marijuana legislation currently before the U.S. Congress.

In a 6-to-0 vote, a resolution was sent to the full council, urging the federal government to approve the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, which would take medical marijuana off the federal list of controlled substances and enable certified medical providers and researchers to prescribe or access the drug without the threat of prosecution. But the unanimous vote didn’t mean a lack of dissent.  Continue reading “City Council Debates Medical Marijuana Resolution”

Councilman Peter Vallone’s Tires Slashed

A random flat tire, probably not Peter Vallone's. (Photo: Wikimedia/Ildar Sagdejev)
A random flat tire, probably not Peter Vallone’s. (Photo: Wikimedia/Ildar Sagdejev)

Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., chair of the council’s public safety committee, says he was the victim of a tire slashing last night.

The term-limited councilman, who is no stranger to threats, said he woke up this morning prepared to head to career day at PS70 when he saw that both of the tires on the left side of his car had been slashed. Continue reading “Councilman Peter Vallone’s Tires Slashed”

Charges Fly in Race for Queens Borough President

Senator Avella (Photo: Facebook)
Senator Tony Avella (Photo: Facebook)

State Senator Tony Avella is accusing Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., a rival in the race for Queens borough president, of repeatedly “bullying” and “threatening” him in a push to get him to drop his bid.

“Personally, I think he’s a bully and a coward and afraid of having me on the ballot,” Mr. Avella told Politicker today, claiming Mr. Vallone has tried several times over the course of the election to get him to leave the race. “Let the chips fall where they may.” Continue reading “Charges Fly in Race for Queens Borough President”

Leroy Comrie Considering Dropping Out of Borough Presidents Race

Councilman Leroy Comrie. (Photo: Facebook)
Councilman Leroy Comrie. (Photo: Facebook)

Councilman Leroy Comrie, once considered a front-runner in the Queens borough presidents race, is “looking at every option,” he told Politicker this morning when asked if he’s planning to drop his bid.

“I’m not prepared to put that out publicly yet, I’m still working on it,” he said during the Memorial Day Parade in the Laurelton neighborhood of Queens.

Continue reading “Leroy Comrie Considering Dropping Out of Borough Presidents Race”

The Unmighty Quinn: City Council Members Sense New Opportunities in Mayoral Politics

Christine Quinn. (Photo: Getty)
Christine Quinn. (Photo: Getty)

Bronx City Councilman Fernando Cabrera was ready to defy established order.

He sensed that Speaker Christine Quinn was losing her grip on the legislative body.

“I’m scared,” he told Politicker at the time. He kept the petitions he gathered at home–just to be safe.

Mr. Cabrera, a pastor, quietly went from colleague to colleague to rally support for two bills that the speaker had stalled, one that would let churches rent school property and another codifying a Tenants’ Bill of Rights. He said he gathered the dozen signatures necessary to give him the power to force a vote—a tactic, called a motion to discharge, that has not been deployed during Ms. Quinn’s tenure.

Continue reading “The Unmighty Quinn: City Council Members Sense New Opportunities in Mayoral Politics”

Vallone Ranger: Harley-Riding Political Scion Vies to Be Queens’ Rebel-in-Chief

Peter Vallone. (Photo: Facebook)
Peter Vallone. (Photo: Facebook)

“Queens is discriminated against on an almost daily basis,” Councilman Peter Vallone told Politicker last week at Dark Horse, a restaurant near his City Council office.

“Things happen to Queens that would never happen to another borough,” he said, sipping a Stella Artois and taking bites of blackened salmon. “They’d never rename the Brooklyn Bridge. They’d never rename the Manhattan Bridge. Queensboro Bridge is renamed, nobody says a peep. Nobody makes a peep other than me.”

Mr. Vallone, a candidate for borough president, complains that Queens “hasn’t had a bully in the pulpit,” and he would like to change that. Continue reading “Vallone Ranger: Harley-Riding Political Scion Vies to Be Queens’ Rebel-in-Chief”