Steve Israel: Redistricting Helped Team Blue

steve israel ny1 Steve Israel: Redistricting Helped Team Blue
Congressman Israel (Photo: NY1)

New York Congressman Steve Israel, who heads up the House Democrats’ campaign efforts, made an interesting pitch to NY1’s Errol Louis on Inside City Hall last Friday. He argued the most New York is now in play with the judge’s new congressional redistricting plan.

“Right in New York, as a result of the map the courts have approved, we have races all over the state that will be competitive,” he said, before ticking down a laundry list of newly competitive seats.

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Ray Kelly: ‘Spying’ Is a ‘Pejorative Term’

nypd getty Ray Kelly: Spying Is a Pejorative Term
(Photo: Getty)

Congressman Pete King, hosting John Gambling’s radio show this morning, interviewed New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly about the recent criticism the NYPD has received over its extensive surveillance of Muslim businesses and mosques. Both the interviewer and interviewee blasted the media for calling the NYPD’s actions “spying.”

“I just wish the media would show some responsibility and use the words ‘surveillance’ or ‘police investigation’ rather than ‘spying.’ To use that term, to be accusing you of ‘spying,’ is, to me, really offensive,” Mr. King said, asking Mr. Kelly what he thought of the issue.

“It’s a pejorative term, it sells well,” Mr. Kelly responded. “They forget we’ve the subject of 14 plots since 9/11 … We’ve been lucky. We just have been lucky.”

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