Did Mitt Romney’s Dog Seek Asylum In Canada?

mitt romney dog Did Mitt Romneys Dog Seek Asylum In Canada?
Mitt Romney and his grandson petting a dog (not Seamus) during a campaign stop in 2008. (Photo: Getty)

Mitt Romney may not have told the whole truth about the scandalous tale of his Irish Setter, Seamus, being strapped to the roof of his car during a 12-hour family road trip to Canada. According to a trusted Politicker tipster, two of Mr. Romney’s sons had an off-record conversation with reporters where they revealed the dog ran away when they reached their destination on that infamous journey in 1983.

Mr. Romney’s wife, Ann, has previously said Seamus survived the trip and went on to live to a “ripe old age.” As of this writing, Mr. Romney’s campaign has not responded to multiple requests for comment on this story.  Continue reading “Did Mitt Romney’s Dog Seek Asylum In Canada?”

Roundup: Rangel Returns; Liz Kruger Takes Cuomo's Tax Plan To Task

Charlie Rangel said he isn’t retiring any time soon.

State Senator Liz Krueger said she has some concerns about Governor Cuomo’s new tax plan.

Occupy Wall Street protesters launched an effort to take over foreclosed homes.  Continue reading “Roundup: Rangel Returns; Liz Kruger Takes Cuomo's Tax Plan To Task”