Cuomo’s Got Nothing But Love for Bloomberg

cuomo bloomberg heart2 Cuomos Got Nothing But Love for Bloomberg
Has pension reform healed the relationship? (Photo: Getty)

On Fred Dicker’s radio show this morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo was asked if the reportedly frosty relationship between Mayor Michael Bloomberg and himself has warmed with the recent budget deal cheered by Mr. Bloomberg.

“Those stories of the mayor and I being at odds were grossly overblown. I understand the sensational value of them, but it just wasn’t true,” Mr. Cuomo responded. “It is true, institutionally, a governor and a mayor sometimes advocate for their own causes and sometime advocate for different causes, because of their institutional roles.”

Mr. Cuomo went on to stress his personal friendliness with New York City’s mayor.

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Bloomberg And Cuomo Donate To Somos After Unions Withdraw Support

140374268 e1331593293695 Bloomberg And Cuomo Donate To Somos After Unions Withdraw Support
Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)

After a group of unions angry over the passage of the Tier VI pension reform plan pulled support from the Somos El Futuro’s annual Legislative Conference, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave the organization a pair of hefty donations.

“We think the unions’ actions are unfortunate, and don’t want the conference to suffer as a result. We both support the Somos El Futuro Conference and, as such, we will be donating $72,000 to Somos El Futuro and the scholarship to make up for the donations that the unions withdrew,” the mayor and governor said in a joint statement. Continue reading “Bloomberg And Cuomo Donate To Somos After Unions Withdraw Support”

Cuomo Stands His Ground On The ‘Big Ugly’

 Cuomo Stands His Ground On The Big Ugly
Governor Cuomo (Photo: Wikimedia)

Governor Andrew Cuomo defended himself against criticism of last week’s night of dealmaking in an appearance on Fred Dicker’s radio show, “Live From The State Capitol” this morning. While critics say the all night Albany negotiations didn’t allow for public input and went against the governor’s promises of transparency and his pledge to veto redistricting lines not drawn through an independent process, the dealmaking also led to the passage of some of his pet projects; pension reform, the expansion of the DNA databank, lifting the ban on casino gambling and teacher evaluations. Overall, Mr. Cuomo described the marathon legislative session as a success and dismissed critiques of the suite of deals that have been described as the “big ugly.”

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Pension Reform Deal Draws Praise From Bloomberg And Cuomo, Anger From Unions

cuomo1 Pension Reform Deal Draws Praise From Bloomberg And Cuomo, Anger From Unions
Governor Cuomo (Photo: Getty)

Albany’s “Night of the Living Deals” included the passage of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pension reform plan for public employees. Both the governor and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, perhaps the most high profile supporter of Tier VI, released statements praising the passage of the proposal.

“This bold and transformational pension reform plan is a historic win for New York taxpayers and municipalities that will save more than $80 billion over the next 30 years, while preserving retirement security for public workers. Without this critical reform, New Yorkers would have seen significant tax increases, as well as layoffs to teachers, firefighters and police,” Mr. Cuomo said. Continue reading “Pension Reform Deal Draws Praise From Bloomberg And Cuomo, Anger From Unions”

Cuomo Makes The Big Deal

andrew cuomo getty3 Cuomo Makes The Big Deal
(Photo: Getty)

On the eve of the court deadline for the Legislature to present their progress on state legislative redistricting, lawmakers in Albany are set to announce deals on the new boundaries and nearly every other major issue on the table tonight. A member of the Assembly told The Politicker lawmakers are in conference and the precise details of the various deals are still being worked out, but somethnoing will definitely emerge this evening.

“We’re going to be doing something tonight,” said the lawmaker, who didn’t want to have his name published, adding it is expected to be a late night.

A staffer in the Legislature familiar with the machinations behind the dealmaking told The Politicker Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to get a slew of his pet projects passed; a DNA databank, pension reform and a constitutional amendment legalizing casino gambling, in exchange for allowing the Legislature to draw their own redistricting lines.

“The Governor’s holding redistricting over their heads,” the staffer said. “It probably had to do with a few things like DNA or pension reform in exchange for getting redistricting.” Continue reading “Cuomo Makes The Big Deal”

Lawmakers Push For Legislation To Allow AG To Go After Pension Fund Fraudsters

049 Lawmakers Push For Legislation To Allow AG To Go After Pension Fund Fraudsters
Peter Abbate (Photo: NYS Assembly)

Against the backdrop of the contentious turf war over Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pension reform plan, a trio of Democratic Assemblyman and several labor leaders are calling for passage of the Institutional Investor Recovery Act. This legislation would allow the Attorney General to seek damages and recoveries when public pension funds suffer losses due to securities fraud. Currently, the Martin Act gives the Attorney General broad powers to prosecute securities fraud, but it does not allow the State to recover losses on behalf of public pension funds. Pursuing losses from financial firms is a favored topic of opponents of the governor’s pension reform push who argue the focus should be on penalizing Wall Street firms that lost money from the pension fund rather than cutting benefits.

“All the focus on the issue of pensions has been on the benefit side of the equation. We need to look at what happened on the investment side. It simply doesn’t make sense that the pension funds have no practical way to recover investment losses caused by fraud,” said Assemblyman Peter Abbate the lead sponsor of the bill to update the Martin Act. Continue reading “Lawmakers Push For Legislation To Allow AG To Go After Pension Fund Fraudsters”

Mayor Bloomberg Launches Coalition To Back Pension Reform With TV Ad Blitz

bloomberg schools poll Mayor Bloomberg Launches Coalition To Back Pension Reform With TV Ad Blitz
Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued his push on behalf of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pension reform plan by launching New York Leaders for Pension Reform, “a bipartisan coalition of mayors and county leaders from across the state” that will run television ads “advocating for sensible pension reform.” Mayor Bloomberg announced the group’s formation in a speech at the Long Island Association breakfast this morning where he warned that, without pension reform, this state will be forced to make drastic cuts that will return us to the “horror film” of the 1970’s.

“This week, our coalition will be urging New Yorkers around the state to make their voices heard. In fact, we will begin airing television ads statewide calling attention to the issue,” Mayor Bloomberg said. Continue reading “Mayor Bloomberg Launches Coalition To Back Pension Reform With TV Ad Blitz”