GOP Candidate Calls Congressman a ‘Dog’ in Unconventional, R-Rated Campaign Ad

 GOP Candidate Calls Congressman a Dog in Unconventional, R Rated Campaign Ad
John Featherman. (Photo: Facebook)

John Featherman, the underdog Republican nominee running against Rep. Bob Brady in Pennsylvania’s first congressional district has released a new ad online calling his rival “a dog” and accusing him of backing allies indulging in scandalous behavior including spending taxpayer dollars at strip clubs. The ad, which is entitled “My Dog, Bob Brady,”  begins with a scene at the Philadelphia “foreign student program” where a woman with an unspecified foreign accent asks another woman for help coming up with an “American name” for her new Yorkshire Terrier. The other woman suggests the dog owner name her Yorkie “Bob Brady” because he’s “one of the worst congressmen ever” and “a dog.” Continue reading “GOP Candidate Calls Congressman a ‘Dog’ in Unconventional, R-Rated Campaign Ad”

Major Figure in PA GOP Worked With Penn State Sex Offender’s Charity

135721305 Major Figure in PA GOP Worked With Penn State Sex Offenders Charity
Jerry Sandusky at a preliminary hearing in his trial for child sexual abuse. (Photo: Getty)

An interesting article that appeared in yesterday’s print New York Post, but somehow hasn’t made its way online, details a major GOP donor’s ties to the Penn State sex scandal. The story, written by Carl Campanile, noted Lance Shaner, who gave the maximum donation of $2,500 to the Romney campaign and $100,000 to Mr. Romney’s super PAC Restore Our Future, served on the board of convicted child molester and retired Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky’s charity, Second Mile. Mr. Shaner also donated $155,550 to Republican Pennsylvania Tom Corbett’s gubernatorial campaign and the Pennsylvania Republican Party headquarters was named after himContinue reading “Major Figure in PA GOP Worked With Penn State Sex Offender’s Charity”

President Obama Tries to Remind Us of the Bad Old Days in New Ad

president obama libya future hands its people President Obama Tries to Remind Us of the Bad Old Days in New Ad
President Barack Obama

With his latest campaign ad blitz in the battleground states, President Barack Obama would like to remind you that the economic crisis began before he was in office. His ad, which will air in nine states, articulates what are clearly becoming the main early messages of his reelection bid; the economic recovery may be slow, but it is happening and the Obama administration has made a number of acheivements that make it worth keeping the faith for the many voters who believed in him during the last election.

“In 2008 an economic meltdown, 4.4 million jobs lost, America’s economy spiraling down. All before this president took the oath” a narrator says in between grim news clips from the financial crisis as the ad begins. Continue reading “President Obama Tries to Remind Us of the Bad Old Days in New Ad”

Romney And Santorum Have Pittsburgh Powwow

 Romney And Santorum Have Pittsburgh Powwow
Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney at a presidential debate in Arizona in February. (Photo: Getty)

Mitt Romney and his erstwhile rival in the race for the Republican nomination, Rick Santorum, are spending a little time together today at the Pittsburgh home of Mr. Santorum’s former senior strategist, John Brabender. Staffers for Mr. Santorum described the sitdown as two politicians, just hanging out.

“Santorum aides have said an immediate endorsement of Romney is not expected at the session. Instead, they describe an opportunity for the one-time opponents to get to know each other better and discuss the upcoming general election campaign,” reports CNN. Continue reading “Romney And Santorum Have Pittsburgh Powwow”

Roundup: Rangel Returns; Liz Kruger Takes Cuomo's Tax Plan To Task

Charlie Rangel said he isn’t retiring any time soon.

State Senator Liz Krueger said she has some concerns about Governor Cuomo’s new tax plan.

Occupy Wall Street protesters launched an effort to take over foreclosed homes.  Continue reading “Roundup: Rangel Returns; Liz Kruger Takes Cuomo's Tax Plan To Task”

Mark Ruffalo's Magical Mystery Anti-Hydrofracking Bus Tour

2011 11 30 12 29 54 703 Mark Ruffalo's Magical Mystery Anti Hydrofracking Bus Tour
Mark Ruffalo makes his case against hydrofracking outside a hearing in Manhattan last week. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

A group led by actor Mark Ruffalo took a bus from City Hall to Pennsylvania today to deliver water to a community they say was affected by the controversial natural gas drilling procedure called hydrofracking. Governor Cuomo and the state Department of Environmental Conservation are currently considering whether to allow hydrofracking in New York.

Mr. Ruffalo, a longtime opponent of the procedure and resident of upstate Sullivan County, told Politicker fracking contaminated the water in Dimock and he thinks it would have similar consequences here. “There’s no doubt in my mind, or most people’s minds at this point, that the way this industry has been moving forward up until now will contaminate New York State,” Mr. Ruffalo said. Continue reading “Mark Ruffalo's Magical Mystery Anti-Hydrofracking Bus Tour”

Roundup: Client Number 9 Version 2.0?; Joan Baez Occupies Wall Street

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer won’t rule out a return to politics.

Folk singer Joan Baez is playing an Occupy Wall Street concert.

Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. changed his Facebook profile photo to a picture from his trial after he was acquitted of bribery charges.  Continue reading “Roundup: Client Number 9 Version 2.0?; Joan Baez Occupies Wall Street”