Ruben Diaz Rings in the New Year With Jabs at the State Senate and ‘Uncle Tom’ Malcolm Smith

Ruben Diaz Sr. (Photo:
Ruben Diaz Sr. (Photo:

State Senator Ruben Diaz sent a special New Year’s-themed edition of his regular “What You Should Know” email newsletters this morning. In his year-end missive, Mr. Diaz took a series of shots at the State Senate with backhanded “political wishes” for the new IDC/GOP leadership coalition, “Uncle Tom” State Senator Malcolm Smith and State Senator Adriano Espaillat.  Continue reading “Ruben Diaz Rings in the New Year With Jabs at the State Senate and ‘Uncle Tom’ Malcolm Smith”

U.S. Attorney: Pedro Espada Guilty Plea Yields ‘End of an Era’ [Update]

pedro espada wiki2 U.S. Attorney: Pedro Espada Guilty Plea Yields End of an Era [Update]
(Photo: Wikimedia)

As expected, former State Senator Pedro Espada, who helped lead New York’s government into a unique form of chaos with his wheeling-and-dealing in 2009, plead guilty in federal court today to stealing from a non-profit he controlled. When sentenced, Mr. Espada will face up to 43 years in prison, in addition to “forfeiture, fines, and restitution in excess of $2 million,” according to a press release sent out United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York.

“Today’s guilty pleas signal the end of an era,” U.S. Attorney Lorretta Lynch said in the statement.  Continue reading “U.S. Attorney: Pedro Espada Guilty Plea Yields ‘End of an Era’ [Update]”

Cuomo Hails Espada Conviction

pedro espada Cuomo Hails Espada Conviction Earlier today former State Senator Pedro Espada was convicted for stealing money from a nonprofit medical center that he founded.

This verdict was hailed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who had battled Mr. Espada since even before he was sworn in as governor.

“As Attorney General, I brought an action against Pedro Espada for siphoning millions of dollars from a taxpayer funded not-for-profit and using the money to support a lavish lifestyle for himself, his family, and his friends, as well as for supporting his political operation,” he said. “Mr. Espada was the prime example of government corruption.” Continue reading “Cuomo Hails Espada Conviction”

Inside Pedro Espada’s Epic Kiddie Parties

Former State Senator Pedro Espada and his son, Pedro G. Espada, who are both currently on trial for corruption, had a habit of throwing lavish parties for the ex-politician’s young grandson. These extravagant kiddie parties have come up multiple times at their trial where a videographer claimed then-Senator Espada tried to get him to call the boy’s first birthday party in April 2007 a “children’s community outreach” event to avoid paying for DVD’s, and when federal prosecutors also presented photos of another fete that featured someone dressed as Barney the Dinosaur and a small pony. Expenses for both those parties were paid for by the taxpayer-funded health company the Espadas are accused of taking $500,000 from, Soundview Health Care Network.

The festivities discussed so far at trial aren’t the only ones the Espadas threw for the former senator’s grandson. On Facebook, Pedro G. Espada posted several albums documenting parties with exotic animals, faux castles, clowns and an inflatable bouncy house.  Check out our slideshow with some of the best pictures, of course, Mr. Espada’s grandson’s face has been blurred due to his young age.

Pedro Espada’s Wife Prays For God To Smite Her Enemies

pedro and connie espada Pedro Espadas Wife Prays For God To Smite Her Enemies
Pedro and Connie Espada in better days. (Photo: Facebook)

The wide of embattled former State Senator Pedro Espada is seeking some divine intervention in the trial of her husband and son. Yesterday, as one of Mr. Espada’s former employees took the stand and testified against him, his wife, Connie, posted a prayer request on her Facebook page.

“Lord pls pray us & pls keep all my enemies away, let them not be able 2 bring us harm Amen,” she wrote. Continue reading “Pedro Espada’s Wife Prays For God To Smite Her Enemies”

Morning Read: Liu Supporters Rally; The End of Espada; Bloomberg vs. Cuomo, Take 2

Prominent members of the Chinese-American community held a hastily-scheduled press conference to show their support for John Liu .“Yesterday’s paper showed that Danny Chen suffered racism, bigotry and abuse,” said Virginia M. Kee, a founding member of the Chinese-American Planning Council. “I see another assassination. This is a character assassination. Worse than death, you lose your good name.”

Liu insisted he is still running for mayor.

Bloomberg vs. Cuomo, Round 2. City officials are looking to pull out from Emblem Health, the city’s not for-profit insurer, just as Gov. Cuomo is trying to convert it to a for-profit outfit.

The state task force charged with redrawing legislative districts will count prisoners in their home districts and not where their jail is located, a blow to Senate Republicans. Continue reading “Morning Read: Liu Supporters Rally; The End of Espada; Bloomberg vs. Cuomo, Take 2”

Liz Krueger Would Like You To Know Who Isn't Invited To Her Fundraiser

 Liz Krueger Would Like You To Know Who Isn't Invited To Her FundraiserManhattan State Senator Liz Krueger sent out a fundraising email earlier this week that features what may be called an “anti-Host Committee.”

On the space on the invite where it is usually listed which high rollers are putting it on, Ms. Krueger writes:

“Please do not join: The Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, Pedro Espada, Carl Paladino, Rudy Giuliani, Herman Cain, Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Michelle Bachmann, Pat Robertson, Rick Perry, Dean Skelos, Grover Norquist, Rand Paul, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Hiram Monserrate and all members of Rupert Murdoch’s family”

If nothing else, this invite shows what low esteem Sen. Krueger has for her former Senate Democratic colleagues Hiram Monserrate and Pedro Espada; this may be the first time the former Amigos have been included in the same breath as the Koch brothers and Sarah Palin. Continue reading “Liz Krueger Would Like You To Know Who Isn't Invited To Her Fundraiser”