Joe Lhota Touts Margaret Thatcher’s Opposition to ‘Government Collectivism’

(Photo: Wikimedia)
(Photo: Wikimedia)

Politicos on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are mourning former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who suffered a stroke and passed away earlier today. Indeed, at least two mayoral candidates have commented on the conservative icon’s passing so far, including GOP mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota.

“Margaret Thatcher was a 20th century visionary who understood the power of individual freedom versus the tyranny of government collectivism,” Mr. Lhota, who has described himself as a libertarian in the past, said in a statement.

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Andrew Cuomo Recalls His Final Words With Ed Koch

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Former Mayor Ed Koch and Governor Andrew Cuomo have a long and colorful history, stretching all the way back to Mr. Koch’s initial mayoral election against Mario Cuomo, the current governor’s father, in a hotly-contested, occasionally bitter 1977 race that Mr. Koch ultimately won. Although Mr. Koch continued to tweak the younger Cuomo for years after–calling him a “schmuck” in his latest documentary, for example–the two became political allies on a number of issues during Mr. Cuomo’s political career and governorship. Earlier today, Mr. Cuomo described his final words with the late Mr. Koch and the inspiration he received from them.

“I talked to the mayor two days ago. He’s in the hospital. …. I said to him, ‘Mister Mayor, how are you feeling?’ [He replied,] ‘Stronger every day. Stronger every day.'” Mr. Cuomo recalled in a radio interview with New York Post columnist Fred Dicker. “To me, that’s the essence of Ed Koch. Stronger every day. Tomorrow’s going to be better. Optimism. Look forward. Don’t look back. You think the situation is bleak? Nah, we’re going to conquer. We’re going to win. We’re going to be better. Stronger every day. Now, he had to know where he was, right? ‘Stronger every day.’ How beautiful is that?”

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Mayor Bloomberg and Aspiring Mayors Fondly Remember Ed Koch’s Legacy

(Photo: Emily Anne Epstein)
(Photo: Emily Anne Epstein)

At 2 a.m. this morning, former Mayor Ed Koch passed away due to congestive heart failure. He was 88, outspoken, and if you listen to some of New York City’s leading political figures, “an irrepressible icon,” “larger than life” and “part of the fabric of New York.”

“I’m expressing my condolences on behalf of all 8.4 million New Yorkers, and I know so many of them will be keeping Mayor Koch and his family and friends in their thoughts prayers,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced in a statement. “As we mourn Mayor Koch’s passing, the flags at all City buildings will be flying at half-staff in his memory.”

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Politicians Remember Fallen Labor Leader

ed malloy Politicians Remember Fallen Labor Leader
Ed Malloy (photo:

Ed Malloy, a labor powerhouse who was, up until recently, president of the New York City and New York State Building and Construction Trades councils, tragically passed away earlier today.

Accordingly, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and others sent out statements honoring Mr. Malloy, which you can view below:

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Ed Towns Mourns Passing of Rep. Donald Payne

donald payne wiki Ed Towns Mourns Passing of Rep. Donald Payne
Donald Payne (Photo: Wikimedia)

The sad news emerged this morning that Newark Congressman Donald Payne passed away, and Brooklyn Congressman Ed Towns, who served alongside him for more than two decades, announced his sadness regarding his friend’s passing.

“It is with profound sorrow that I express my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of my dear friend and colleague Donald M. Payne with whom I was privileged to serve in the United States House of Representatives for the 23 years he proudly and marvelously represented New Jersey’s residents,” he said in a statement.

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